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loverofpigs asked -  books-language - 6 minutes ago
eden-mccoyOMG first of all your profile pic is so off the internet!! (I saw it online when i looked up pretty natural makeup because i wanted to do natural makeup and i saw that picture!) and just say no im s... Read more »
I'm not home a lot. I work full time. If I call the cops they'll know I did it and try to break into my house. I'm afraid to leave my home alone.
breezy06 asked -  home-garden - 6 minutes ago
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My friends judge me and don't see me for who I really am. I'm really Christian, and none of my friends care about religion, most of them are atheist, ... More details »
Shywolf asked -  random - 7 minutes ago
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I was thinking Juilliard but it is super hard to get into!!! It only has a 7.3% acceptance rate!!
Eden_Mccoy asked -  sports-recreation - 7 minutes ago
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Im writing a murder scene in the woods and I want to make the animals around the murder the only witnesses, but I want to personify them. Any help?
CesarSerrano asked -  books-language - 8 minutes ago
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A chemistry problem I was stumped about.
Milkman918 asked -  general-science - 9 minutes ago
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I told 3 people who I liked and around 10 people told her on Facebook. She keeps on starring at me. When I look at her back, I just hide behind my fri... More details »
salvadorm asked -  adult-relationships - 9 minutes ago
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junebug333 asked -  books-language - 10 minutes ago
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I've been asking priest's and I couldn't find the answer
joehogo asked -  religion-spirituality-philosophy - 11 minutes ago
eden-mccoyactually im not really sure!
Timusa asked -  teen-relationships - 14 minutes ago
arielbaby012Find someone else to like
Timusa asked -  health-fitness - 17 minutes ago
riverflameYes it just depends on who you are. A girl can like a girl or boy or both and vice versa for boys. So yes. Except for if its family
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