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I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant. when I open my legs or walk the right side of my vagina hurts and a little of my right side leg. it makes me not even wa... More details »
kcylovesyouu asked -  health-fitness - 12 minutes ago
finalfantasy7777I think it's time for you to go to the hospital and I mean now. Due dates really soon and a child can always come a little earlier.
austin1089 asked -  random - 13 minutes ago
allison-188Like 3-4 days. You'll get used to them quickly
JeremyS54 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 15 minutes ago
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And I do not own any pets by the way and I don't want to over feed her
LiamD189 asked -  pets-animals - 17 minutes ago
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I play netball and want to learn how to jump higher. Please help, is there anyways I can jump higher almost instantly?
hannalester asked -  health-fitness - 18 minutes ago
jeffgeeTalk to the basketball coach in your school & see if he would let you train & workout with team even i your not on it, I did at my school but I know not all will, if not talk to some of the older play... Read more »
I'm small and I love playing GD and GK in netball, I just want to learn how to defend better e.g. How to jump higher, intimidate them without getting ... More details »
hannalester asked -  health-fitness - 19 minutes ago
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I'm 15 and I really want to build arm and leg muscle as well as a six pack. I play sports so I'm fit and it'll be easy to achieve. I just don't know w... More details »
hannalester asked -  health-fitness - 22 minutes ago
allison-188Have a daily routine of going to the gym. Do sets of push ups, pull ups, and any other workout (: if you want to gain leg muscle then I suggest jogging, or those wall squats that really burn your legs... Read more »
this is for my homework, I just want to know the number of tourist in coco beach (Philippines) in recent year or in 2014.
stephanieong7991 asked -  places-travel - 27 minutes ago
gerarddTourist in coco beach probably account for 65 % in the peak season 75 to 80 % . This is just an educated guess though. If i were going to turn this in as homework i would research a little more. Then ... Read more »
Is it because FS aren't interesting enoughIs is because most directors don't know how to make one?
Stavondevedon asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 28 minutes ago
imthe11thdoctorMost directors don't know how to make a superhero movie anyways. It's because there aren't many ultra popular female superheros anyways. Marvel has two possible ones in mind anyways. There are some un... Read more »
Kid_jayyyy asked -  health-fitness - 32 minutes ago
arfa123No,aqueous cream is a moisturizer that is used to treat skin conditions. It is a non-greasy cream that places a layer of oil on the skin's surface and keeps water from evaporating from the skin.The cr... Read more »
The bank is not aware and the homeowner required tenants to assume all legal homeowner financial responsibility (taxes ,insurance) and homeowner was n... More details »
marshal7 asked -  business-finance-law - 33 minutes ago
gerarddYea the bank don't care as long as they get their cut. And he can rent his house or live in it or not cut the grass. Or feed the dog. He is the home owner mr lanlord.
Gumlover asked -  questions-about-ask - 36 minutes ago
turtlesauce is like a social media site, you can directly ask people questions, and answer questions directed at you. you can ask any question and anyone can answer it
Gumlover asked -  random - 39 minutes ago
jeffgeeno it's not normal at all & that's only because they can't trust anyone that isn't in the business however it does on rare occasions happen but most of the time when it does it's with someone they hav... Read more »
metin2 asked -  books-language - 39 minutes ago
jtotman80By a rectal thermometer
Did you mean?