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isokepatricia asked -  homework-help - 14 minutes ago
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Im moving away in 3/4 months which means I'm not going to be near the guy i like and we both just told each other we like each other. I don't want to ... More details »
XxLollipopxX asked -  adult-relationships - 15 minutes ago
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I really want to straighten my hair, but I'm not allowed any hair straighteners/dryers and such. Does anybody know how to straighten hair at home with... More details »
Koalia asked -  style-fashion - 23 minutes ago
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DavidMags01 asked -  books-language - 26 minutes ago
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My parents are really overprotective and they won't let me do ANYTHING and all I want to have is Instagram and they won't let me have it and I won't b... More details »
Ellabellacinderella asked -  parenting-family - 30 minutes ago
patriciashoupMaybe if you sit down with them and show them what instagram is all about, they might change their minds.
My son has mine craft pocket edition on his tablet but steve keeps coming and breaking stuff and sending him messages asking if he is a baby. Is this ... More details »
diane14 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 33 minutes ago
thisismyusernamIf on a multiplayer server, yes. It means there's a jerk on there who loves destroying people's hard work and making them feel bad.
Whenever I start my computer with the charger plugged on, it doesn't work (Im on a Toshiba laptop) and if I don't, it works. And if im In the middle ... More details »
crystal2356 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 34 minutes ago
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nicole19901 asked -  adult-relationships - 37 minutes ago
patriciashoupEverything is a matter of mind set and attitude. I know it's hard to act happy when you're miserable but no one really wants to be constantly comforting you. So put on a brave face and muster up the c... Read more »
I wonder if magic is true or not ...
cutieselfiesen asked -  religion-spirituality-philosophy - 38 minutes ago
lollyhelpI always thought magic was real, just not in the way most people think. Of course, goblins, pixies, fairies elves do not exist. I always thought love as magic. Love isn't chemistry, it's something way... Read more »
I ask it because my aunt will have a wedding next month ..
cutieselfiesen asked -  adult-relationships - 40 minutes ago
1meesheeA wedding is when two people who are in love get married. It is a legal and sometimes religious ceremony joining two people for life. After the ceremony there is usually a party celebrating the couple... Read more »
shafayat1004 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 46 minutes ago
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inverting glasses and pseudoscope and reversing goggles
Vasiliykur asked -  humor-amusement - 50 minutes ago
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How can I better discipline myself about things that need to get done?
avenkore asked -  health-fitness - 51 minutes ago
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farhanakhtar asked -  books-language - 51 minutes ago
lindaneMeans "already seen", and it's that eery realization that you, for example, have been there before or that you have seen something before or in the exact same way. In that moment you get the feeling ... Read more »
I just want to buy one more phone , but I just want to ask you guys for more good opinions about good phones .... I wish you could help me
cutieselfiesen asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 52 minutes ago
lindaneLG has some good ones.
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