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Ok so I may be a girl, but I'm VERY rough. I like to tackle a lot and I also get tackled a lot. I do BMX and me and my friends are always play fightin... More details »
Black_Shadow asked -  health-fitness - 6 minutes ago
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I just wanna know. I believe in him.
PuppyKittenAbby asked -  random - 7 minutes ago
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I need some evidence for a stereotype essay. I would appreciate answers as soon as possible.
SnipeYouFromMars asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 8 minutes ago
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I'm working on a bunch of techno/chiptune tracks and when I release them I'll need a name to go by. The most popular suggestion at the moment is Tune ... More details »
Dwpeters84 asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 8 minutes ago
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crossedeagle asked -  religion-spirituality-philosophy - 10 minutes ago
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Im curious to know if it is safe to take 5 month old expired laxatives?but if I take expired laxatives will they make me sick?
January96 asked -  health-fitness - 10 minutes ago
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kkse7en49 asked -  health-fitness - 10 minutes ago
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Is it suppose to be for 10 days? I'm not so sure.....
rejectedkeleb asked -  health-fitness - 11 minutes ago
rapidwing19103The tim can vary. Mine usually last around 5-7 days, and my friend's last around 7-10 days...but I'm sure that's normal ^-^
I have civ V on steam and I want to get all the dlc so I can play with my friends but all the dlc separately costs approximately $100 so I want to get... More details »
kanoe170 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 11 minutes ago
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in Jewish
crossedeagle asked -  religion-spirituality-philosophy - 12 minutes ago
walt-oreagun... because that's when nature brings forth new life ...
reason for this question is because I am 5ft 7inches and I have been for like 3 years.. im only 17 years old I just wanted to see if there was a way s... More details »
whoseuphoric asked -  health-fitness - 12 minutes ago
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What is the probability that he first pulls out a white sock then a black sock?What is the probability that he first pulls out a black sock then a ... More details »
WilliamCrazy asked -  homework-help - 13 minutes ago
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Did you mean?