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I really want to play it!
justinlife asked -  humor-amusement - 17 minutes ago
bigboosterit already did in 2000 (xbox original)
I just want to use it to get games and apps like a tablet
11dolphins asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 17 minutes ago
Excel mailing list has 3 columns: Name, Email, and Interests. One line entry can have multiple interests (Example: Interests - Video Games, Music, Spo... More details »
ShawkCityBeatsLLC asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 21 minutes ago
Answer this...
Or made up?Cause I know they used different animals to portray the polar bear and walrus in the film.
CassieYetier asked -  random - 23 minutes ago
megageeklizzyIt was based on realistic situations that wild animals could face, but was not a recording of actual events.
Here's the link if you don't know who they are and think you can identify the song:
VanillaLapis asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 24 minutes ago
justinlifeIt's called spiegel im spiegel.
punga1234 asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 39 minutes ago
kaylak963 asked -  health-fitness - 39 minutes ago
ayumiloveIt could just be a growing thing because I remember when that happened and I asked my mom what that was and she said its totally normal!!!!!But I really panicked that time or just try asking your mom:... Read more »
Edit: I've tried Using toothpaste and salt, I've tried using professional things bought at the drug store, I have cleaned them every day with soap/moi... More details »
bobdylan21 asked -  health-fitness - 41 minutes ago
cookieromaMy sister used to get tons of black heads in her ears. She was always trying to get me to squeeze them. I found it gross but she tried.
I need some REALLY good minecraft seeds for pocket edition.
Bubblegumrabbit asked -  humor-amusement - 42 minutes ago
ans with reason is required
momalgondal asked -  general-science - 43 minutes ago
rugsuckrIt's a guess, blue...shorter wavelength
momminabutt asked -  places-travel - 43 minutes ago
so when I broke up with my boyfriend he got pissed and basically shunned me, my mom and BFF said I handled it right and that I did the right thing, bu... More details »
ElloJello asked -  teen-relationships - 45 minutes ago
anthav1308just cry , don't hold anything back..cry into your pillow or whatever..once u get all of it out you will start to feel better...overall it will take time...and remember if your mom and bff said its fo... Read more »
I told him that I like you and he said, Ok, I understand " no worry", but we need to close this topic completely and you need to be rational about me ... More details »
BeautifulLife asked -  adult-relationships - 47 minutes ago
elainesuterrinkHe is letting you know that he isn't the kind of guy you'll be happy with. That is kind of him, but believe him when he tells you there are drawbacks to a relationship with him. At least he's not a to... Read more »
Hello, I`m Korean(staying South Korea not North,,,)who is learning English by myself however today I watched ANIMATION MOVIE (Avengers Confidential: ... More details »
AhnHyoungJoo asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 49 minutes ago
uglyf"A lifetime ago" means a bit longer than a long time ago
kaylak963 asked -  health-fitness - 49 minutes ago
crowtrobotyou body has been through a will go back to normal
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