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My dog will chase his tail then all the sudden run around the house like a insane maniac like there is something chasing him. The one day he was bark... More details »
BeanieLEB asked -  pets-animals - 9 minutes ago
osgoodecaptain65Yeah he prob wants to play with you really bad. My dog does that all the time.
best animation movie. let it go frozen
candytoygirl asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 10 minutes ago
theallknoweeOf course. Have you not seen it? If you had seen it there would not be any doubt in your mind
lukester23 asked -  teen-relationships - 10 minutes ago
osgoodecaptain65If she's a good friend then it may be harder. Grow distant from her and she may long for you a bit. You can also tell her you like her or something that seems to always work. ?
I have an XP operating system install disk. When I install it on my old NO-OS laptop would it have movie maker, screen savers, backgrounds, etc. ?
ChrisWorkman asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 12 minutes ago
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my view is that there is stereotypical racism and observational racism: S racism is the type that we display racism as. I mean that people tell us " b... More details »
notchsmile asked -  religion-spirituality-philosophy - 12 minutes ago
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with 303 g of water at room temperature of 20°C. The final situation is observed to be all water at 18°C. What was the mass of the ice cube?
NathanSilva22 asked -  homework-help - 13 minutes ago
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Brandon9876543210 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 14 minutes ago
Trying to lose at least 30lb
NatriciaC asked -  health-fitness - 16 minutes ago
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Its really annoying, and when I want to be alone in a peaceful place with no sounds or nothing, there's always this annoying buzzing/ringing in my two... More details »
Gabriella601 asked -  health-fitness - 16 minutes ago
calorimeter cup containing 826 g of water at 11.9°C?
NathanSilva22 asked -  homework-help - 16 minutes ago
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in world regions I have to know this, it is such a weird name for a country, and yes its a real place, so if anybody could help me, I would really app... More details »
chelseab0123 asked -  homework-help - 17 minutes ago
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highlanderic asked -  general-science - 18 minutes ago
nlmssyNo. Motor rpm does not change. Pulley ( sheave) size changes the amp draw of the motor
I bought this game for x box and my brother wants to play this game with me, but only have one Xbox live card. how can I play with him not on x box l... More details »
Drewarrior asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 18 minutes ago
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