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I have been looking online and I can't find a color chart that has my American Staffordshire terriers color on it. Didn't know if anyone could classif... More details »
alibender asked -  pets-animals - 7 minutes ago
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splitdrive asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 16 minutes ago
BlueDragon Just have to close the popups
LesGis98 asked -  pets-animals - 23 minutes ago
iamawhovianit depends on your lifestyle
im 16 almost 17 and a jehovas witness. My religious group belives in marrying of the same relgion. In the congregation that i attend there is only 1 g... More details »
raptor758 asked -  adult-relationships - 23 minutes ago
pancakelover1991 asked -  food-drink - 28 minutes ago
kali-girlYou just buy it from McD's. Best tea ever.
my family says it is bad.
pancakelover1991 asked -  food-drink - 29 minutes ago
I read that somewhere, wanted to know if it was true, that some foods use up more calories in digestion than they contain.
nerual13 asked -  health-fitness - 30 minutes ago
http://www.foxspan.comWeb Designing Company India- Foxspan Technologies private Limited India based Software Development Company now offering comp... More details »
foxspan asked -  art-design-photography - 37 minutes ago
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I've heard it's about 11%... is this true?
missygurl97 asked -  jobs-education - 39 minutes ago
docdeeeCompletely depends on the university. Some schools that are very high on standings (ie Yale or Harvard) are hard for everyone to get in, but they take a lot of international students due to their stan... Read more »
I want to spray paint my bmx pink but I don't know what primer do I use first
games46 asked -  cars-trucks-boats-cycles - 44 minutes ago
hkyguy911Self etching primer,and let it dry Atleast 24 hrs before lightly sanding the primer and you shod use several light coats and not one heavy coat of paint.take your time and do it right the first time a... Read more »
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