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My friend keeps telling me that the new Lana Del Ray album leaked already but i can't find it anywhere online. does anyone know where i can find this
yesmistress asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 5 minutes ago
ownedcoreyou can download the full album of the ultraviolence leak here:  its in 320kbs mp3 quality. very good :)
tjl195553 asked -  food-drink - 10 minutes ago
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Okay so this has been asked a thousand times but i wanted my story. So i got my nose pierced on New Years this year and about month later i got the "... More details »
julesebear asked -  random - 12 minutes ago
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I realized that my softball glove had a large hole in it because the lace or webbing(Is that what the string holding it together is called) broke. I h... More details »
potterhead12 asked -  sports-recreation - 12 minutes ago
gizmo-floUnless u know a glove repair shop, I suggest getting a new glove because that sounds hard to fix
I take medicine for them but they never help. Can't really afford a doctor appointment right now so I'm wondering if anyone knows some meds that reall... More details »
CassidyJones18 asked -  health-fitness - 13 minutes ago
darlene10129do you drink any sodas? or have you suddenly stopped drinking sodas? it could be a sugar withdrawal.
runefire asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 16 minutes ago
whitcremeansYou can if you go into your account settings and have it set where you can be on more than 1 device.
alexis2127 asked -  health-fitness - 17 minutes ago
waterlily101well, if there is a fracture, i'd advice to seek medical attention. the pain will also encourage you to do so... Good luck
I had my hpv vaccination for the first time 6.10.11, my second 10.11.11 and my third 3.5.12. I was wondering is there still a chance of getting cervic... More details »
HannahLouise366 asked -  health-fitness - 17 minutes ago
magicgoon22Not all cervical cancer is caused by HPV but most is. The vaccine takes away any chance of cervical cancer from HPV. There is still a chance of getting a non HPV induced cancer but these are much rar... Read more »
When you're bored or have free time and decided to take an online quiz, which are the ones that you usually take? I'm trying to put some teen quizzes ... More details »
johanna_2898 asked -  books-language - 19 minutes ago
pestanieAll the usually relationship jazz.  - how do you know he's cheating on you - does he like you?  - where should our next date be?  - Am I ready for a relationship?   or random stuff like  - what color... Read more »
for girls
ladybugs4ever asked -  shopping - 20 minutes ago
pinkrabbit asked -  books-language - 20 minutes ago
e5sAnother way of saying it...  How about... I slapped her open-handed across her face. She blinked twice and said, "Thanks, I needed that."
we're both 14
Skyrim_Breton asked -  teen-relationships - 21 minutes ago
alternateacountYou can be her friend. Respect her decision, and take it seriously, as she does. If you are incapable of being a friend to her, you will be incapable of maintaining a healthy romantic relationship. Fo... Read more »
Burlington or kohls
ladybugs4ever asked -  shopping - 21 minutes ago
homestuck4lifeI go to Goodwill for all my school clothes and everything.Everywhere else is too exspensive.(can't spell)
I need to write an argumentative essay concerning the court case Dred Scott Vs. Stanford. I need some topics for my 2 supporting paragraphs on why he ... More details »
supernovo asked -  homework-help - 22 minutes ago
lucky0304one reason he should be considered a citizen is because he stayed in free slave states for a while with his master. one reasons he shouldn't be considered a citizen is because he is a slave. slave is ... Read more »
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