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corkw4 asked -  pets-animals - 5 minutes ago
deanawynnIs she fixed? She might be in heat if not. Usually when they are in heat they will be quite loud and demanding... If she is not fixed you need to get her spayed if you don't have the money call your l... Read more »
I'm not sure if it's a French film or not but this is what I remember,There was a teen girl who self harmed (cutting and burning) and she was seeing... More details »
nikitameers asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 6 minutes ago
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I've had severe anxiety for quite a while now and it is starting to get a little worse. I need some help with relaxing in stressful situations. My rel... More details »
Nargle asked -  health-fitness - 13 minutes ago
dragona13Try chamomile tea. Having a warm beverage while curled up under a blanket is very soothing, especially during an attack.  This is only a short-term solution, though, because I've only been dealing wit... Read more »
ponchoface10 asked -  teen-relationships - 14 minutes ago
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I am hosting an intimate family and close friend bridal shower for my daughter and would like only ladies to attend with no children. How can I make t... More details »
sfrichter asked -  random - 17 minutes ago
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thingwr asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 17 minutes ago
samuel-12knowledge holds no substance compared to wisdom, because knowledge is created from wisdom!  sub - stance = a stance between 2 or more stance. a secret move.  substantialy philosophical defined purpose... Read more »
ConnorGilonske asked -  food-drink - 21 minutes ago
jeffgeeYes & it's the same mess they put in just about everything else it's called high fructose corn syrup look it up & research the side effect & you tell me if it's bad.
yackabout asked -  health-fitness - 22 minutes ago
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activehi asked -  pets-animals - 24 minutes ago
ellib123I believe it's the border collie, second is poodle (I remember this because it was on dogs 101) I used to have a border collie cocker spaniel mix and it was very smart, so I guess that makes sense. :)
kenthinpson asked -  adult-relationships - 24 minutes ago
quester2011That's not pathetic, but I think your priorities are out of whack. If you're soon to be divorced, then you first need to establish yourself as yourself before trying to meet women. C'mon, you should k... Read more »
For instance, Bf4 Maxed out.
LilMunchco asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 24 minutes ago
bigboosterhow much ram? you need at least 8gb. you also need AT LEAST intel core i5
xxpatriciaxx123 asked -  teen-relationships - 25 minutes ago
deanawynnno birth control is 100% effective, but if you take it the way you are supposed to (about the same time everyday) there is very little risk. However if you start showing symptoms it is best to get che... Read more »
Hello!A couple of months ago I decided to deactivate my Facebook, and during the 14 day "trail period" i attempted to log back on. I got pretty far... More details »
bellatexas asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 25 minutes ago
chetrippoIt might be the same way you would stick back into Facebook if you previously sticked out.
I got a new motherboard for a project that I am working on. But for some reason, when I looked at it, a few of the pins on theCPU socket were bent. ... More details »
DannyWainstein asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 26 minutes ago
apetro343if it came broken, send it back and get a replacement
Did you mean?