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Iwantpizza4677 asked -  politics-world-events-society - 10 minutes ago
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In my confirmation class, I'm doing a small art project. I learned about the Holy Spirit, and part of the lesson has to do with the Holy Spirit giving... More details »
Everlasting_Love asked -  art-design-photography - 13 minutes ago
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My body used to be fit with big arms and my shoulders were wide and circular,i realized i am losing more shape every day but i didnt lose strength, ju... More details »
Love_nature asked -  health-fitness - 16 minutes ago
dragona13You have to give your muscles 48 hours to repair themselves after lifting. If you go daily, they'll get stronger to a point and then start to weaken.
I want to be able to use one app/device rather than read on the Nook & then fast forward on Audible & then have to page through Nook. It's a time-cons... More details »
daisymama5676 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 20 minutes ago
ishweetyyou can go to
For making an OC...I have a pretty good idea of HOW she is, but it's kinda hard to describe. ^_^; She's a really kind and confident person, but I want... More details »
EchoingDestiny asked -  random - 21 minutes ago
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KatieMcSuley asked -  books-language - 21 minutes ago
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Dolly10 asked -  adult-relationships - 22 minutes ago
panther-foxIf you are leeching of a man, as you are, it's wrong to pursue other men as long as you are leeching of of him. Being a moocher is one thing, but a lecherous, turncoat moocher? Wow, I think that const... Read more »
I'm 13, I'll be 14 in two months and I am 5'3 and I weight 127 lbs,(is that over weight?)and I would really like to lose weight, my goal is 105-110. I... More details »
Leighmk asked -  health-fitness - 23 minutes ago
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MarkosWeissinger asked -  books-language - 25 minutes ago
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if you were going into a cosmetic surgery, and you've decided what doctor you were interested in going to go see to get the procedures done, can you t... More details »
JerricaDegrate asked -  health-fitness - 27 minutes ago
nblacksmithYou can tell them anything you can tell other people. The thing is they don't have magical powers there is only so much they can do. Telling them what you want is one thing. Them being able to grant... Read more »
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