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There is a user on, and according to his page he's a 'father'. He is following me around on, harassing me with offensive and abusive a... More details »
divyanka2111 asked -  questions-about-ask - 7 minutes ago
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Who do I trust my best friends,or the girl I like?
SilentFighter asked -  random - 7 minutes ago
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We have family of four, I am 14. 2 kids, both gamers (pc) and 2 adult who don't really use the internet. I don't get much homework, so I'm always skyp... More details »
spib asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 8 minutes ago
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smart_guy2 asked -  business-finance-law - 8 minutes ago
justalittletoobasicIm pretty sure if its before the 1960's
French exam in two weeks and I don't feel like studying - any ideas making it kind of fun?
hi0st3r asked -  homework-help - 10 minutes ago
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I keep having to buy $15 ones bit I want them to be cheaper so I can afford them,
Turtlez_4 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 10 minutes ago
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I have a 1992 Hitchhiker NuWa travel trailer with an out dated Clarion tape deck. I bought an new Dual260 CD/MP3 player and tried to install it. I a... More details »
chandraminick asked -  random - 12 minutes ago
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The only college I know I want to apply for is University of Michigan.
hanonya asked -  jobs-education - 12 minutes ago
kerrilynne6Whatever one you can afford
DANCEHALL REGGAE =" yuh have fi have the lil and da ? if yuh waan mon fi slam ah who yuh waan drown ina yuh ocean ?? Pam strech out and bust like elas... More details »
jenniferjen1 asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 14 minutes ago
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I'm possibly thinking about joining the navy in the computer technology field, what is the official name for this field ? and how much could I get pai... More details »
minikidd asked -  jobs-education - 15 minutes ago
yankees21393You don't get paid according to your job. You get according to your rank.
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