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I was talking with my friend at school in the hallway while there were other people . So as me and her were talking we were leaning against a wall jus... More details »
MelanieShines asked -  teen-relationships - 9 minutes ago
114960He's trying to make you jealous.
I told her to part ways during the quest where you have to find the Dragon Elder Scroll. I have looked at Fort Dawnguard, the Ancestor Moth Glade and ... More details »
Delta62 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 10 minutes ago
brandonfosterCheck my pants... :3
stuckinadream asked -  health-fitness - 11 minutes ago
zackariahclaywellIt means they dont like something about you. Not every teacher will like you.
stuckinadream asked -  books-language - 12 minutes ago
Just as the question asks.. How can I teach the dog to have a soft mouth? I do plan to have a strict rule of no biting at all. I can handle a nibble, ... More details »
Feathertail asked -  pets-animals - 13 minutes ago
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I have a boyfriend but we were having coffee yesterday and he saw another kid from school looking at me!? He told him to stop looking at me and then ... More details »
Eden_Mccoy asked -  teen-relationships - 15 minutes ago
114960Is he touchy around you? Does he try to show off? Does he try to make you laugh? Does he get jealous? Does he text/call you first? Does he also put effort into your conversations? Does he try to prote... Read more »
I do not believe this and i was just wondering if i am allowed to work more hours. I am 17 almost 18.
ZackariahClaywell asked -  jobs-education - 16 minutes ago
mzblanche4uThat could very well apply to you, but I'm not sure of their policies. I would ask someone in the personal department for a copy of those rules. I'm surprised you weren't given a copy, upon being hi... Read more »
I'm 15
IConfirmThisMessage asked -  adult-relationships - 16 minutes ago
brandonfosterThere is no set age. Plus if you want a free one then go to your school's counselor and ask for one. It's better to use a condom then to not.
i want to build a website myself for free
RobertAcken asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 16 minutes ago
krysthlaYou can build a website with pretty much anything. I've made them with notepad before. The problem is you have to pay to have it posted on the net. If you don't you'll have a nice website that won't b... Read more »
qazxcvbnm asked -  health-fitness - 22 minutes ago
tattoogurl1When she starts noticing hair I suppose.
MsRMG asked -  health-fitness - 22 minutes ago
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i gott really upset about a mistake i made involving a boy and scratched my arm until it almost bled. it really really stings and i cant go to the bat... More details »
BellaTHEAngel asked -  random - 24 minutes ago
mzblanche4uJust go to the bathroom, and run some cool water on it. If you close the door, how will your Mom see what you are doing? Just make sure you flush the toilet, lol. Besides, we here have NO idea what... Read more »
is wall length the only factor?
krysthla asked -  building-construction - 25 minutes ago
robertackenit doesnt matter how long the wall is as long as its an interior wall..all exterior walls have to be at leat 2 x6...if the wall meets an exterior wall then you must use 2x 6 at the meeting point..all ... Read more »
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