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What would happen if you were to drop a penny off of 100 North Main Street in Downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina as it fell off of the Wachovia Bu... More details »
BenMalloy asked -  general-science - 10 minutes ago
niconjuliaevai dont even know what that is
mtay1018 asked -  health-fitness - 17 minutes ago
missmacythegamergirl*lose* anyway... I only eat 3 meals a day. All of them r the food pyramid. I'm already skinny but I like what I eat and stuff so ya... I'm 88 pounds of awesomeness!!
So I'm homeschooled and my mom never does anything with me.I'm a great reader but im 15 and in like 4-5th grade.i want to go to normal highschool ... More details »
sarah838 asked -  homework-help - 17 minutes ago
danae-hitchI'm not sure high school would be a good fit if you are several grades behind. If you have a school in your area, visit them, or give them a call. Try and talk to a counselor to get their advice to y... Read more »
yes I know eat healthy & work out, any other tips ?
mtay1018 asked -  health-fitness - 18 minutes ago
danae-hitchDrink a lot of water. Try and cut out the junk food (I know that's hard for some folks!). Eat more fruits and veggies. Walk a lot. Before you have a meal, drink a glass of water. Good luck!
mastercool asked -  food-drink - 20 minutes ago
phil1003Salads minus cheese & dressing. But you have to remember there is good cholesterol and there is bad cholesterol. So you have to keep in balance with your diet. And if you don't have any uti's or bladd... Read more »
I have been using a lesser-known browser called Perk. This browser is basically Google Chrome, except for the fact that it runs flawlessly. Recently, ... More details »
Ruime asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 20 minutes ago
Answer this...
3sunnydays asked -  jobs-education - 23 minutes ago
danae-hitchIf I were you, if you have a doctor that you go to when you are sick, call the office and see if they will give you your doctor's email address. Send some questions to your doctor, telling him/her tha... Read more »
pamperlee asked -  random - 25 minutes ago
gatorbluI am so sorry to read this. What you can to is make some thing she likes. You can make a flash drive with he favorite music. Or if she likes a certain type of cookie that you can bake.You can listen t... Read more »
search for business
Lilywang1 asked -  business-finance-law - 27 minutes ago
bigboostergoogle. anytime, anywhere.
I have really short hair and im kind of a tomboy but everyone thinks im a a guy, im not allowed to have extensions or makeup
Sapph asked -  style-fashion - 32 minutes ago
monasezPut a ribbon or head band in your hair.
As a little kid I'd get rarely ever get a crush. Then I fell in love with a girl, and never got any for a few years. As I began getting over her I beg... More details »
Lucas06 asked -  teen-relationships - 33 minutes ago
jakeobI don't think they are crushes as much as you find these people attractive. They are two very different things
do you just throw them in the recycling bin or is there some place you need to take them?
Purple_door asked -  random - 33 minutes ago
wizeolddogmomour trash company has us put tape on each end then save them up in a plastic container. I guess you will have to contact your trash company and ask how to do it.
My daughter broke her radius yesterday and the Dr had to push the bone back into place. Then he put it in a cast til Wednesday when the orthopedic Dr ... More details »
yinandyang2 asked -  health-fitness - 34 minutes ago
hostilewitnessNot likely, Yin. Not as long as she soaks up the downtime, and takes it easy. Her fear of needing to have it reset is probably just a part of the slight trauma that comes along with breaking a bone. I... Read more »
She keep singing and it's very annoying im trying to pack for my trip but she keeps singing please help!!
shortcake0 asked -  parenting-family - 34 minutes ago
danae-hitchShe's probably doing this because you have asked her to stop. Sisters are very annoying! Ignore her. Concentrate on what you need to get done. If she's being a really big pest, ask her to help you pa... Read more »
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