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I am getting more into airsoft and want to buy my own gun (I've been using my brothers kwa m16 which I like) I was wondering if there were better bran... More details »
Bowman217 asked -  sports-recreation - 11 minutes ago
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zackster723 asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 11 minutes ago
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We fall out almost every day over nothing because he over reacts about every little thing. We decided to take a break for a bit which didn't work. He ... More details »
HannahLouise366 asked -  teen-relationships - 13 minutes ago
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I keep wondering since that is one of the things I like the most about Florida.
bradymiller asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 13 minutes ago
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I would love to learn this summer but I absolutely hate the cold. Can I just invest in a drysuit or are they only for cold weather?
EmilyTheGreat asked -  sports-recreation - 14 minutes ago
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I have one on top of my toe and it's been there for over a year
softball_player asked -  health-fitness - 16 minutes ago
kaptainpunkGo to a pharmacy and get wart cream and band aids for warts Or put acid on it
I come from a very religious family, my parents & my grandparents on both sides are very religious. My parents had me & both my sisters baptized & wan... More details »
DavidGamerGuy asked -  parenting-family - 17 minutes ago
caitycatYou can do it gradually, like if you don't want to go to church tell them and just generally hint at your beliefs. If they don't catch on, I'd straight up tell them. I have a facebook, and I put my re... Read more »
there is this girl I've been friends with on devianart for a year now. I really like her, we've been flirting for a long time now and I really want to... More details »
phrixusphobos asked -  adult-relationships - 17 minutes ago
banplastics28Background check first please see if she is legit then if she passes that simply say hey I have a surprise for you can we meet somewhere maybe try a group date always in a public place and think of so... Read more »
You'll be able to study the mouth up close and in slow motion to see how the sound is made.
Daphne000 asked -  homework-help - 21 minutes ago
fairywells asked -  health-fitness - 21 minutes ago
jayp526Many antipsychotics have an off-label use for treating bipolar as well. Plus, many bipolars also have psychosis. Check out they have alot of useful info on medications.
Kipple14 asked -  religion-spirituality-philosophy - 22 minutes ago
dodgyit's a rather old-fashioned term which describes all those countries where Christianity is the main religion and which, again using an old-fashioned term, could be described as "Christian countries". ... Read more »
I need to try and stop liking this guy cause he doesn't like me and I don't want to end up falling for him anymore. Anybody have any advice?
RandaPanda11 asked -  adult-relationships - 23 minutes ago
ttyllolStart reading books with completely insane fandoms (yes i'm looking at you Percy Jackson fandom) then you will become completely obsessed with that, and you will take your mind off of him. This is how... Read more »
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