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So Monday night I was depressed so when everyone was asleep I went into the bathroom and stabbed my left leg with scissors thinking it would take my p... More details »
GoldThePkmnHatcher asked -  health-fitness - 2 minutes ago
abiding_ma asked -  health-fitness - 7 minutes ago
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Is it a genetic to be un-attracted to certain races? Just how there brought up?
abiding_ma asked -  health-fitness - 7 minutes ago
nblacksmithFear and ignorance, which have everything to do with how they were raised.
i heard that somewhere and i was just wondering, and if that does happen can you develop like a six pack under the fat? and then if you burned it off ... More details »
echoanne7 asked -  health-fitness - 9 minutes ago
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Can I go to the doctors alone at 15?
izzie0804 asked -  health-fitness - 10 minutes ago
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bchriste asked -  building-construction - 11 minutes ago
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Also do I need to write on paper or is computer good as well?
dashing_native asked -  books-language - 11 minutes ago
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This guy and I talked every single day of summer but the first and last two. We had a thing but never hungout with our busy schedules. I really liked ... More details »
Gaboobie12 asked -  religion-spirituality-philosophy - 12 minutes ago
nblacksmithIt means you were thinking about him.
Okay So i know this guy and I REALLY like him and we were the same age But i just turned 16 since my birthday is several months before his and I was w... More details »
jessicascott12 asked -  random - 12 minutes ago
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It's not me, it's just someone i know.
TheDreamyLiz asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 12 minutes ago
deszy23You should have it by the time your 20 but you could ask your mom when she got hers. Her age can give a clue when yours is coming(my doctor told me this).If you dont have it by the time your 18 you sh... Read more »
tvalerio asked -  health-fitness - 13 minutes ago
budmanfugeneral rule of thumb is 45 minutes per drink(.02)but your metabolism slows down the more you've drank that day and slows the purification process
Did you mean?