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I have this really big test tomorrow and I am nervous. Please help?
randomgirl22 asked -  homework-help - 10 minutes ago
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P.S. NO volcanos :'(
SelenaCastro asked -  general-science - 11 minutes ago
brendanbrmYou should work on nuclear fusion, call your project something original... like the Manhattan project.
Is there any of the legislation that was enacted during James Monroe's presidency still in effect today? How is it being used? Are there any that are ... More details »
SexyPandaBear2 asked -  homework-help - 12 minutes ago
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In the custom wine rack, it often encounter such a problem, its size is usually how kind, be convenient transportation, their ability to disassemble, ... More details »
Judyliu asked -  home-garden - 12 minutes ago
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Let me get this straight first, I know that when a boy teases you, he may like you. But I know for sure they don't like me. Two guys sitting at my tab... More details »
Everlasting_Love asked -  teen-relationships - 13 minutes ago
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Also what are bioflavonoids?
photogirl123 asked -  food-drink - 14 minutes ago
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SolitaryDreamer asked -  style-fashion - 16 minutes ago
crystellactually, polka dots are not that bad. and all of the patterned dresses arent that bad either. it just depends on the wearer. :) it maybe dont match your height, body shape, complexion, etc. :) it dep... Read more »
Soo...I just got the Blu Life One and found out it had no SD card, I've been super busy lately and didn't even think to check if it came with one. I c... More details »
FlamingEclipse asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 17 minutes ago
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KarmaMartinez asked -  general-science - 19 minutes ago
I've been dating my girlfriend for 9 months and it has been great but lately it hasn't been as exciting as when we first started dating. Is there any ... More details »
andyjakubek asked -  adult-relationships - 20 minutes ago
crystelljust make her feel special everyday and tease her sometimes. :) also, you should also date but try on the fun date where it involves physical activities like dating in carnivals, taking her to zoos an... Read more »
LILaustin22 asked -  health-fitness - 20 minutes ago
iris39Distraction. Distract yourself with some random thoughts you can ever think. If that doesn't wok, well, try Ignore. Pay no attention to what makes you angry. Zone out. Close your eyes. Don't say anyth... Read more »
my boyfriend is constantly talking to this girl we both know. he supposedly like her in the past but doesn't now. we have been dating for over a year ... More details »
anglegirl96 asked -  teen-relationships - 21 minutes ago
xxbooksaddict823Well, I'm not really sure if guys do that on a regular basis, since well, I'm a girl. But there is a guy in my class like that. He tells everyone he has a girlfriend; not a lot of people believe him t... Read more »
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