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I will be 38 weeks tomorrow (4/17/14) and these past 2 days more today than yesterday I haven't been able to eat and the thought of eating makes me si... More details »
kayetroncin asked -  parenting-family - 8 minutes ago
lh1997I had lost my "mucus plug" the afternoon prior to going into labor at 5 a.m. (water broke) and I had my son at about 6:30 p.m.; I don't recall any weird symptoms like you are having, but it was 18 yea... Read more »
My dogs are fighting (pit bulls) and I don't know what to do. They're bleeding and they keep fighting. What should I do?? I'm scared. They aren't trai... More details »
watdafreak asked -  pets-animals - 11 minutes ago
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I am looking for a 4s and i finally found one in my local store.I just want to find out if it's an appropriate phone for a teen like me.Is it enough m... More details »
PrincessMe2 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 11 minutes ago
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I don't mean like a simple game like tic tac toe or something. I mean like a thorough 3D mmorpg game. I have already planned out everything that will ... More details »
ajdaman asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 11 minutes ago
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johnnyboy1819 asked -  adult-relationships - 11 minutes ago
craigsmomDon't know you or your woman, nor anything about your situation. Frankly, I don't think she should take you back, johnnyboy.
I'm so tired of always feeling this way.
Cjkenkel asked -  health-fitness - 13 minutes ago
nblacksmithI would re evaluate my expectations. Sometimes we inadvertently set ourselves up for failure by setting unrealistic goals and expectations. The first thing I would consider are how realistic these ex... Read more »
My teachers are trying to prank him NEED HELP FAST
EricaMarrs asked -  humor-amusement - 15 minutes ago
ladywood60Most teacher's would not be involved with "mean" things that are funny.
SilentFighter asked -  adult-relationships - 15 minutes ago
brutiesmomGo for it! If you don't, you'll never forgive yourself for not giving a try. The worst answer you'll get is "no" but hey, you gave it a try, and faced your fear!
I don't usually read comics but now a friend has me interested. I also don't wanna have to go out looking for books and spend money. If you have any ... More details »
MarcosFrm904 asked -  books-language - 16 minutes ago
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Wolfchick308 asked -  humor-amusement - 16 minutes ago
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nateames17 asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 18 minutes ago
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There are goosebumps around my mole that never seems to go away. I use to think that I was just cold, but even when im hot, they are still there.
Toyabofi asked -  health-fitness - 19 minutes ago
princessme2They might just be small spots.Consult a doctor and make sure. I don't think it's because of the temperature.
can you help?
bailey_luvsu asked -  general-science - 19 minutes ago
Did you mean?