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I put a car in my name for my sister. The financial guy said that I could get the car out of my name within 45 days and that has yet to happen. Can an... More details »
MoMo2305 asked -  cars-trucks-boats-cycles - 7 minutes ago
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it's really hard for me to be without music especially since it's what always got me through things as well as writing. So I was curious, would they a... More details »
paganwby asked -  health-fitness - 8 minutes ago
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I am 53, been divorced for 3 years and have two young kids 11 and10 I don't want to be alone and don't like teaching my kids bad thing by being with a... More details »
betheone1960 asked -  adult-relationships - 8 minutes ago
deszy23Why not!!!??? If it makes you happy and you feel more comfortable that way then yes.Never to old to get marry.
having trouble finding a working file and im trying to unroot my s3, i have the odin downloaded and ready to go but this second one is hard to find
MarcJoshef asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 8 minutes ago
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What is in this line of crystal...
liendi11 asked -  random - 8 minutes ago
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NayeR5er asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 9 minutes ago
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Does anyone have an old Minecraft that I can have? I ONLY WANT IT IF YOU DONT USE IT!! Like the username and password? My mom said she would get it fo... More details »
annaer asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 9 minutes ago
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menance16 asked -  teen-relationships - 9 minutes ago
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supertrololo asked -  general-science - 13 minutes ago
borderexa column of elements that go vertical in the periodic table
My sister dyed her natural blonde hair black over a year ago but she has gotten root touch ups sense then, she wants her hair back to blonde but doesn... More details »
Sarahblank asked -  health-fitness - 15 minutes ago
deanawynnit would be difficult to do without damaging her hair.. I suggest she see a really good stylist and have it done for her if they think they can do it without damaging it. Stylist have access to larger... Read more »
A. subtract 6 from both sides and then multiply both sides by 3. B. multiply both sides of the equation by 3 and then subtract 6 from both sides C.... More details »
andre_5124 asked -  homework-help - 16 minutes ago
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medunn asked -  business-finance-law - 17 minutes ago
deadlikemeWhen you pay the 10,000 back they will remove it from your credit report. That would improve your credit rating.
i need to decide now... i am 5 feet tall which is really short. (highschool level) i really enjoy playing vollyeball but i feel too short to be a sett... More details »
koALAH asked -  sports-recreation - 22 minutes ago
annaandersonWhat are you good at, and what do you enjoy?  In high school athletics, it doesn't really matter about size, (unless it's a full contact sport... Ouch...) what matter's is skillz&highz, and by that I ... Read more »
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