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no I don't mean vitaligo.I mean revitaligo the opposite of vitaligo
Joshiania asked -  general-science - 6 minutes ago
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I'm 13 and male
vladimiartod asked -  health-fitness - 8 minutes ago
bumblebee112its perfectly fine. im 13aswell btw. yo probably just hit puberty early
bumblebee112 asked -  homework-help - 10 minutes ago
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I'm a 5''10' girl who ways around 190 - 195 and I want to lose some fat because I'm supposed to be in the 140 - 160 range. Is there a way I could do t... More details »
Alice655 asked -  health-fitness - 10 minutes ago
mikelcdo a lot of abs. and running also if you belong to a gym do elepticals. :)
Ok yes i may be young but i've always been more mature than my peers and well some adults. i don't even act like a teen, i act like a middle aged woma... More details »
sadsweetchild asked -  adult-relationships - 10 minutes ago
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catgirl200 asked -  homework-help - 11 minutes ago
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2015141 asked -  politics-world-events-society - 12 minutes ago
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we live in GA
Hmopal asked -  business-finance-law - 13 minutes ago
tractortugI don't know about the person who is convicted, but I certainly wouldn't want to be there with them! The person should call their PO to find out the details. It isn't worth getting violated and... Read more »
Day one of basketball tryouts went on today and after the tryouts my family and I went out to eat and I consumed way too many bad calories. I ate ice ... More details »
o_x_o asked -  health-fitness - 14 minutes ago
krysthlaMeat, but eat it like 2 hours before the tryout and have something small and fast digesting a little before like fruit and like a chocolate bar for energy.
we had an open house and parents forgot to hide safe and we don't know who it might be since we had 20+ people over
stealth_ninja_01 asked -  random - 14 minutes ago
tractortugNext time remember to hide the safe. Be lucky this 'lesson' only cost you 80 bucks.
need know what proper court papers fill out with the court to get the other parents to pay their court ordered half
bluxx asked -  business-finance-law - 15 minutes ago
tractortugContact Family court. This should have been adjudicated (made plain) during the custody, child support decision.
and this isn't me going on a diet or anything. im 4'11 and 103lb. but i eat way too much. So will removing say big hot cheeto bags and constant eating... More details »
julianneshelley asked -  health-fitness - 16 minutes ago
krysthlaIt will be healthier in the sense that your body won't have to deal with the crap your putting in it. But you don't really weigh enough to be able to cut that food right out, try replacing it with som... Read more »
i want a ferret but my mom says no because they stink so how can you make them stink less
bubblez446 asked -  pets-animals - 17 minutes ago
deanawynnyou really cant.. I mean keeping the cage really really clean and having them spayed or neutered can "help". There is a so called de-scenting procedure than will remove certain anal glands but since f... Read more »
I have an everyplay account and the app (iPod) and I don't know how to record?!?! my geometry dash can automatically record but how do I record for su... More details »
bubblegumforever asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 17 minutes ago
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