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I was talking with this girl I like, and two hours after the end of the conversation, my best friend was asking about it. He was trying to help. So in... More details »
AdamYar asked -  teen-relationships - 9 minutes ago
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bigbang14 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 12 minutes ago
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I wanna go to atlantla tomorrow so Im too shy to ask my mom please help
shortcake0 asked -  parenting-family - 13 minutes ago
lolcatsssssYou can't just say mom I'm going to Atlanta lol. If you feel like you need to ask your mom your too young to even go on a trip by yourself. Trips cost money& u don't go on them alone
I need 9 risers (steps) including sidewalk installed on a hill which leads to a rear entrance of the house.
tjlhle asked -  building-construction - 14 minutes ago
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Whenever I save and exit my Terraria world or when it auto saves the game crashes. It was bought through steam/ not torrented. It is only my world tha... More details »
fuzzywuzzy304 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 15 minutes ago
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I want to but not sure how?
emjo215 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 17 minutes ago
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Tha_Kidd38 asked -  jobs-education - 18 minutes ago
lolcatsssssIf your a a/b student your capable. Don't ask though the question on here because all states are different. Look it up:)
I have been playing Minecraft for a while, but now it has so much lag that can't even control my cursor and sometimes it freezes on left clicking or r... More details »
ClashOfCraft asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 18 minutes ago
joshwillisyou might have a virus on your computer or you might just have the graphics settings to high on your game.
m_m_j_6 asked -  food-drink - 20 minutes ago
sephiraJust the sandwich is about $4.79 here I think, probably depends on where you live though.
please explain in 7th grade answer.
vickyiliev1810 asked -  general-science - 21 minutes ago
I just started wearing makeup, so I don't know. My mascara is from Clinique FYI. thanks
ErinTheGreat asked -  style-fashion - 22 minutes ago
missmacythegamergirlIf it's a waterproof kind, it won't come off. If it isn't then take it off before u go in or else I'll have mascara all over ur face
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