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DebbieGarcia asked -  food-drink - 6 minutes ago
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Beyond the Veil by Lindsey Stirling makes me nearly break into tears because it (for some damn reason) reminds me the tragic shooting of a family I le... More details »
CesarSerrano asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 8 minutes ago
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Just trying to be funny.. lol
BrandonFoster asked -  business-finance-law - 8 minutes ago
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Anyone use yacon molasses syrup ?? Please tell me more about it.
Williamlozoya asked -  health-fitness - 12 minutes ago
jeavenYes, sometimes I used it for cooking...
Like Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson did?
Crandel95 asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 12 minutes ago
docdeeeIt's not true. But as with most places, money buys you good defense, which is more likely to get you out of trouble. Money is a powerful, immoral way of working around life.
junebug333 asked -  books-language - 16 minutes ago
krysthlaUnwind is a SERIES?! I would say the obsidian trilogy but that's more of a fantasy genre with an inset of dystopian settings. nothing really beats unwind in terms of dystopia though. and the way it co... Read more »
loverofpigs asked -  books-language - 17 minutes ago
eden-mccoyOMG first of all your profile pic is so off the internet!! (I saw it online when i looked up pretty natural makeup because i wanted to do natural makeup and i saw that picture!) and just say no im s... Read more »
I'm not home a lot. I work full time. If I call the cops they'll know I did it and try to break into my house. I'm afraid to leave my home alone.
breezy06 asked -  home-garden - 17 minutes ago
paul1951Put a locking cover on your outlet, and don't leave your hose outside. They should get the message pretty fast.
I was thinking Juilliard but it is super hard to get into!!! It only has a 7.3% acceptance rate!!
Eden_Mccoy asked -  sports-recreation - 18 minutes ago
linsterDance, seriously? How about a REAL career like medicine or law?
Im writing a murder scene in the woods and I want to make the animals around the murder the only witnesses, but I want to personify them. Any help?
CesarSerrano asked -  books-language - 19 minutes ago
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A chemistry problem I was stumped about.
Milkman918 asked -  general-science - 19 minutes ago
I told 3 people who I liked and around 10 people told her on Facebook. She keeps on starring at me. When I look at her back, I just hide behind my fri... More details »
salvadorm asked -  adult-relationships - 19 minutes ago
brandonfosterWell, This is the tricky part. Either A: She likes you to and wants to date.... OR She thinks your creepy.... Pay attention to face motion.. If she smiles every now and then without looking scared the... Read more »
junebug333 asked -  books-language - 20 minutes ago
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Did you mean?