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I've had this thing of Body Scrub sense Christmas and I can't think of what/how to use it! I know! this question sounds stupid! but please answer!
ThatFishyGurl asked -  health-fitness - 7 minutes ago
werepanther1You use it in the shower or bath scrubbing your skin with it and is helps exfoliate and remove dead skin bits and debris leaving your skin extra clean and soft.
I am soon moving into a wooded area where there are tons of coyotes roaming around. My cat, Prince, loves to go outdoors but once we move i want to pu... More details »
CassidyJones18 asked -  pets-animals - 8 minutes ago
bvanrossIf you can afford it, try building him a medium sized room with non poisonous plants surrounded by screens. I think it would give him a nice dose of sunshine and nature without completely depriving hi... Read more »
Weve been really good friends and I can tell theres just chemistry.
LoganGG asked -  adult-relationships - 9 minutes ago
Almost every time I stand up or crouch down:/
KidKray asked -  health-fitness - 9 minutes ago
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jGurley asked -  health-fitness - 10 minutes ago
pikapikachu024It depends on the girl and hen she hits a furthur stage in puberty also most girls get it around the age their mom got it
lofty1985 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 12 minutes ago
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was that movie done before his death? did he fake it? or what am I missing here???
lonewolff150 asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 14 minutes ago
cjkenkelHe's really dead. That movie was filmed before he died.
I left it on top of my microwave oven and it melted is there anything I can do? it's not turning on!!!! help!!!
scardocchio29 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 16 minutes ago
areldeeLife can be a brutal teacher sometimes.
so there are 6 koy fish in a big tank in my house right now because well im in canada and they had to go in a tank for the winter (lucky too since thi... More details »
girlgamer369 asked -  pets-animals - 16 minutes ago
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I would be operating from home first and through exhibitions
puja2710 asked -  style-fashion - 17 minutes ago
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Give at least two reasons
TeddyCheung asked -  homework-help - 19 minutes ago
coolspotPeople are getting rid of towers maybe.
I'm in middle school and i really like this girl. :)
NuclearSlip asked -  teen-relationships - 19 minutes ago
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Tomorrow, I am going to wear a flowing black dress with yellow, pink, & blue spots with pretty black sandals. My hair is going to be straightened & I'... More details »
RandomKnowItAll asked -  style-fashion - 19 minutes ago
cassidyjones18Yes it sounds very spring like and cute. (:
I am so bad about waiting for nail polish to dry. Any tips on how to make them dry faster? I heard hairspray but that seems really strange...
RachelEM5678 asked -  style-fashion - 20 minutes ago
cassidyjones18There is a brand of finger nail polish you can buy that goes as the top cover. Its called CND and it is about 8 dollars a bottle. It works i use it every time i paint my nails. It takes less than 5 mi... Read more »
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