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latina5415 asked -  places-travel - 7 minutes ago
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Just bought a bugle and would like to put a cord on it but wanted to know if its like something that is awarded or just decorative. Thanks.
thomas_theferg asked -  random - 7 minutes ago
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I told this guy I'm 15, when really I'm 14 and won't be 15 till next year. He's 17 and really likes me, but I feel like if I tell him I lied about my... More details »
juicedance asked -  teen-relationships - 8 minutes ago
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MarieSheppard99 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 9 minutes ago
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I have religious assessment homework to: describe what happens and show that it is a long standing tradition, what parts the funeral link with reincar... More details »
emmski asked -  homework-help - 10 minutes ago
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She texts me constantly and we really like each other
Ericboss asked -  teen-relationships - 12 minutes ago
russianrespectShe's your ex for a reason.
I'm 18 and still live with my mom. I've recently ended the relationship between me and my child's father. My mom is angry with him for how he treated ... More details »
xwillisx asked -  business-finance-law - 13 minutes ago
quester2011The only legal say-so she has is that she has over her own property. Any visitation is strictly between you, the father, and any lawyer or judge should you get visitation/child support set in a legal ... Read more »
MattGtcb asked -  food-drink - 13 minutes ago
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I ate a flatbread that had 1,310g of sodium. that was way to much so I just had half- 650g. I have a stomach ache but no headache. is that a lot? if s... More details »
youtubeaddict asked -  food-drink - 14 minutes ago
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I'm writing a book and I am introducing Captain Hook in it, but I can't stop thinking of him like the Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time, so it's gett... More details »
supermeg asked -  books-language - 14 minutes ago
irishdescent14You cant publish that book......ever. You are using a character from another book and movie. In order to write about that character well, you must act like the character.
if I help with it even if I invest no money just my time an personnel contacts that will be used in this business?
GordonCraddock asked -  business-finance-law - 15 minutes ago
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Did you mean?