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I am submitting a scholarship to a private high school that's asking me to write a personal essay with persuasive elements in it, and I need some tips... More details »
GregKing0700 asked -  homework-help - 6 minutes ago
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Using the formula (x-2) x 180 to figure out total angle of a polygon where x is the number of sides total.
skating asked -  homework-help - 7 minutes ago
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People told me not to get one from pet smart so I began looking for breeders and shelters but couldn't find any ones that were close enough to drive t... More details »
moonbreze asked -  pets-animals - 9 minutes ago
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eninaj09 asked -  adult-relationships - 13 minutes ago
mrjohnwayneThis warm tingling feeling inside that you get when you truly feel wonderful about someone or an animal. Loving another person is a very distinct and great feeling. Love for your pets is almost the sa... Read more »
I would recieve a message but not respond... when I come back into the textimg app someone else has replyed for me (completely off topic) but my phone... More details »
hawaii19 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 15 minutes ago
isaiahstultsNo, no your not 'hacked', if you share the same Apple ID then if you and the person your sharing it with have the same app, you can see what they text.
I have played mass effect, the halo series, the fallout series, and a lot more. I like games like those.
Keegan22 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 15 minutes ago
sarahfofo asked -  random - 19 minutes ago
dianehilarycleatorborn1955I think that's somebody that puts in the sound effects in tv and movies and its named for jack foley that started that
Hey, I want to get my hair layered soon, so I was just wondering how much it'd cost. Tried googling it, etc. BUT can't find any answers, only ones for... More details »
FallenAngel241011 asked -  style-fashion - 22 minutes ago
asker20008 asked -  places-travel - 23 minutes ago
mogadeetThis is one of the few place I think a fanny pack is advisable. They will have a place for you to leave your purse or backpack before you get on the ride. Twice I have seen the last person get off a... Read more »
I have seen this terms in "System Dynamic" topics.
ehsazh asked -  business-finance-law - 24 minutes ago
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i really want new walls. the ones i have are plilac with polka dots and a few stars and it makes me gag, because thats what i liked when i was little ... More details »
WinkThePink123 asked -  parenting-family - 25 minutes ago
rainman411I would invite some friends over to help who have some painting experience.... or you can YouTube indoor painting. It is really not that hard, but it can get messy if you do not prepare well. WOW y... Read more »
SandeepDaurka asked -  art-design-photography - 27 minutes ago
mogadeetPreserve their habitat.
In America it's "milks favorite cookie" however, in England they call cookies biscuits, so did the makers of Oreo change it to "milks favorite biscuit... More details »
informationwizard asked -  random - 30 minutes ago
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