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Fakie,Studious,Apex,NeoN,Green,DolphinDiVe, Division,MLG(you're suppose to put the clans name after that I just don't want to mention it's name) if y... More details »
xDolphin asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 5 minutes ago
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how do you think they will react? (sorry just wondering) :)
HyperPanda101 asked -  random - 6 minutes ago
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When I transferred the title they made me a photo copy and attached the receipt to the copy. They are telling me that I have to pay again to have a du... More details »
TammySchave asked -  random - 6 minutes ago
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earlier today i went to the doctor and when i took the eye test (stood far away from the seeing chart) i could only see up to line three (everything b... More details »
hellogoodbye666 asked -  health-fitness - 7 minutes ago
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I found condoms in my moms side table i don't know if they were just bought or if their old the expiration date is in 2017 so were they just bought or... More details »
mg98756 asked -  random - 7 minutes ago
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Ive been with my boyfriend for 10 months, but things have been going bad. its been awkward to talk to him, and hes way over protective. I really like ... More details »
bloodyrose13 asked -  adult-relationships - 8 minutes ago
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i have a puppy 2months old. she is part rottwieler and lab. pretty mello not as hyper as her sister. she gets car sick and she was the runt . she list... More details »
steponme2012 asked -  pets-animals - 8 minutes ago
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this happened two days ago I could easily see fat it is on my upper thigh. I am scared it is infected and it may turn into something really bad.... I ... More details »
packofafricans asked -  random - 10 minutes ago
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How can it be reverse..Shouldn't racism be racism whether white black or grey?I never understood this term.
PieceOfHerMind24 asked -  politics-world-events-society - 10 minutes ago
I really like this guy but I'm not sure if he likes me back..... He's everything I want..... Sweet, funny, weird, cute, athletic..... I could go on fo... More details »
Neonsmiles4444 asked -  teen-relationships - 11 minutes ago
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Did you mean?