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Do you guys brush your teeth or use mouthwash first? Just wondering is there a way you're supposed to do it?
amariej asked -  health-fitness - 10 minutes ago
finatiksthis is what I do.  i brush first, then I rinse with mouth wash, not water. Twice the clean! but it'll burn your mouth but it's worth it!
will it be taken away if you move out or state!
venessa99 asked -  business-finance-law - 11 minutes ago
sephiraIf you move to a different state you will have to reapply in the state you are moving too.
sadly, I'm getting my cat declawed? please tell me what they do
ashley_jeffrey asked -  pets-animals - 13 minutes ago
sephiraBasically they are surgically removing the cats claws, which would be comparable to a person having their fingers amputated at the knuckle. I would seriously suggest that you look into more humane opt... Read more »
britelaine99 asked -  teen-relationships - 16 minutes ago
tfiosShe probably still likes him, dont worry about it
I'm writing a flier and a friend thinks that if people think there is a catch they'd still call. I don't think so. so i'm asking this cause double che... More details »
williwalt asked -  business-finance-law - 18 minutes ago
werepanther1It might turn off some people right away, but other people may call to find out more to see what the catch is before making their decision.
madmads asked -  politics-world-events-society - 19 minutes ago
happystickMaybe a nissan 510 Datsun they are little bad cars. If you get a car before 1974 you don't need smog. It matters what year you're looking for and what does "good price" mean to you.
MymawNa asked -  homework-help - 20 minutes ago
chim25The telegram changed communication to be a much more faster thing while before it would take days to send a message. It helped in war because order could be given faster and it helped in social life b... Read more »
lovinglife21 asked -  health-fitness - 20 minutes ago
tpondBe yourself. Trying to fit in is pointless. It just makes you miserable and you would only have those friends based on false pretenses. Confidence draws people in. Be yourself and be proud about it, ... Read more »
madmads asked -  jobs-education - 21 minutes ago
panthemanNo you can take extra classes that earn you credits for college and take classes that are for college.
I'm pretty sure there's no where that says the exact year, but about when do you think they would have grown up based on behavior and speech patterns?
Lore55 asked -  random - 21 minutes ago
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maax123 asked -  politics-world-events-society - 21 minutes ago
werepanther1try checking some old farmer's almanacs
lovinglife21 asked -  health-fitness - 23 minutes ago
magicgoon22Veggies are great stir fried. Many are good with melted cheese. Cauliflower broccoli, etc should be lightly steamed( don't over cook) you can add ginger or a bit of sesame oil. Corn is great on the ba... Read more »
a short answer if possible
jayjay0726 asked -  random - 24 minutes ago
marzbarzThe Trojan war started because Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, told Paris that he could have the "fairest" women of them all, Helen. She knew that she was already married to Menelaus, the King of Spar... Read more »
and how do I get to the microphone setting?
troy12 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 25 minutes ago
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