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I am trying to replace my regular radio with a touchscreen and i don't know what all i need. can someone help?
SterlingResinger asked -  cars-trucks-boats-cycles - 8 minutes ago
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yesterday I choaked on a Cheerio I have no idea how lol but then later throughout the day yesterday my throat irritated me (probably because it hurt m... More details »
Lolcatsssss asked -  health-fitness - 9 minutes ago
raggaI say that to all people who ask medical questions. Check with the doctor and don't ask people when it has to do with a medical problem.
I'm looking to buy a small appliance that will chop vegetables. A food processor is the obvious choice, but a blender would be multi- functional. Woul... More details »
tra1215 asked -  food-drink - 10 minutes ago
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austin mahone took the chorus of his song "mmm yeah" from lidell townsell's song called nu nu and i just wanted to know if the original person gets cr... More details »
checkyesjuliet asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 12 minutes ago
brunetuneHe won't get credit. He can be acussed of stealing.
kingshella asked -  adult-relationships - 14 minutes ago
standgripthrowTrust is a vital part of ANY relationship, be it family, friendships, work, school and everything else.   There is one but true way to TRY and get it back. Considering you're family and seeing you're... Read more »
ive read four perfect pebbles, i have lived a thousand years, and the boy in the stripped pajamas -- if youve read the book i have lived a thousand ye... More details »
checkyesjuliet asked -  books-language - 14 minutes ago
blue-rainThe Book Thief ( best holocaust book) :)
BeingNormalsLame More details »
BeingNormalsLame asked -  teen-relationships - 15 minutes ago
blue-rainThey are pretty good :)
allison_188 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 16 minutes ago
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Does it`s effect anything or not
NeelkamalManher asked -  health-fitness - 16 minutes ago
wizeolddogmomrub it in circles and use the arm normally. Go to your doctor or clinic to be sure your not having a reaction to the shot.
akankshashenoi asked -  homework-help - 17 minutes ago
caycepaige1Ocean water is a complex solution of mineral salts and of decaying/decayed biological matter that results from the abundance of life in the seas. Most of the ocean's salts were derived from gradual pr... Read more »
It says its downloading but the actual download symbol doesnt pop up and nothing appears in the download folder
neptune38911 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 17 minutes ago
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i sent a letter on thursday and today is friday. i live in chicago and the person i sent it to is in wisconsin. how long would it be for them to recei... More details »
checkyesjuliet asked -  random - 18 minutes ago
Did you mean?