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I ask questions on here never in the intent to screw around; I am very serious when I need help and ask questions. what is wrong with the way I phrase... More details »
shaylen asked -  questions-about-ask - 6 minutes ago
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ginganinja25 asked -  health-fitness - 8 minutes ago
deanawynnyeah but make sure you let the water run for a few minutes to make sure it flushes out to the street sewage line other wise it might cling to the side and crawl back up the pipe. Now if it were me I w... Read more »
Ok. So, I accidentally watched a video and it was very bad, so I turned it off. Which was a good thing. Tonight, I had homework and I was opening and ... More details »
macylodge asked -  parenting-family - 9 minutes ago
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I want to go to Italy for first time if any one suggest me for this
lusatomoni asked -  places-travel - 9 minutes ago
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Bldiana asked -  business-finance-law - 9 minutes ago
jayp526Misdemeanor charges is 2 years.
and are the pictures that they post on google forever?
jess441 asked -  adult-relationships - 10 minutes ago
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CaseyOwens43 asked -  parenting-family - 11 minutes ago
jayp526Trucks retain value more and have a higher resale value. They are safer, they are more useful and your less likely to get caught up in street racing.
in social studies we're working on an essay and my teacher told us that he wouldn't mind if we sent it after school, we just have to let him know if w... More details »
hellogoodbye666 asked -  homework-help - 12 minutes ago
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would they charge me for getting it sized or will they just order me a new one ? iv only had it for a few hours keep in mind
cakenIT asked -  style-fashion - 15 minutes ago
ghyblysmomIf they have that ring in the size you require, most of the time, they will just exchange it. Ask them, just to be sure.
as in, how to run without getting overly tired without slowing my running pace?
aina_mila asked -  health-fitness - 16 minutes ago
rjtoddIt's all mental. You need confidence and that's it I promise!
jess441 asked -  religion-spirituality-philosophy - 17 minutes ago
bettyecklesI do. I get to keep up with my out of town family. And see photos of my grandkids. I talk to my sister in Washington St.
For my science project I am to take two of the same kind of soda and put one in a blue sleeve and one in a red sleeve. I will then tell a person to dr... More details »
amart4000 asked -  general-science - 17 minutes ago
not-giving-upRed is picked out more than any other color because of it's contrast with other colors, this can be seen in everyday life. So I would assume that red will be chosen more often. However, the test subje... Read more »
The thing is a few years ago, I put some $2 bills in a tin box that had some hals cough drops in it I found the box and discovered that the cough drop... More details »
Landonb64 asked -  random - 17 minutes ago
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I was eating some soup & my tongue started feeling tingly then started going a little numb & while I could still taste the soup just fine I was also g... More details »
BethSimonsen asked -  health-fitness - 17 minutes ago
not-giving-upWell, were you at a party? Because if yes then someone tried to take advantage of you
electricavenue asked -  questions-about-ask - 20 minutes ago
Did you mean?