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LetItBurn asked -  books-language - 7 minutes ago
iaskalltimesJust go ahead and read it. If you really enjoy the book, you can always reread the book later.
I'm 5'6'' and 135 lbs. I don't think that's overweight, but correct me if you think otherwise. I grew up in KS, so when I moved to Miami at age 13 I r... More details »
Isabelpeace asked -  health-fitness - 7 minutes ago
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I like a girl and i write for her a letter. I dont know if it seem corny and unattractivehere my letter :)My Dearest Love, ( her name )I know you... More details »
johnny2505 asked -  adult-relationships - 8 minutes ago
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Why can't everyone have at least a moderately rewarding and enjoyable life?
Crandel95 asked -  random - 9 minutes ago
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Linda2354 asked -  politics-world-events-society - 9 minutes ago
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I suggested this morning (in a question about Ask wages) that the Mods were all cyberpaths who would glad delete us for nothing even if they didn't ge... More details »
Dodgy asked -  humor-amusement - 10 minutes ago
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Is it really strong or not?
chayung asked -  health-fitness - 12 minutes ago
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c2o2t2y asked -  health-fitness - 12 minutes ago
bepperzNo. YOU can't change your voice, but going through puberty might make your voice deeper.
I got a new computer and i put new music onto it. i want that new music on my phone. when i plug my iphone into my computer and go onto itunes, no inf... More details »
daelin asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 13 minutes ago
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it's an R&B/pop song and it's a guy that sings it, this song came out in between year 2000 and 2009
SabbyTabbyCat asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 14 minutes ago
40dawgIt Goes Like This - Thomas Rhett.
winniewinskies asked -  teen-relationships - 14 minutes ago
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