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what does it mean..."this plan is applicabe for local,national and roaming sms" i want a plan for unlimited sms all over india in reliance....
DivyaBaid asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 6 minutes ago
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my mom is gone on a 1 day trip, leaving me in charge. and I was wondering what are some good lunch ideas?
TheDarkAsker asked -  food-drink - 6 minutes ago
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there's a dog I might get and I was dog sitting her once and she wouldn't let my dogs near me. even if they were on the other side of the room she wou... More details »
peachpug231 asked -  pets-animals - 6 minutes ago
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Give examples if you can.
falak54 asked -  business-finance-law - 6 minutes ago
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kenjoe asked -  health-fitness - 8 minutes ago
shooshie525Yep it can work for some people. My husband and a friend of ours have used it short-term with success. The key is to take it 20-30 minutes before bedtime and I would also suggest dimming the lights ... Read more »
The first of these so-called secret hiring for this secret government agency looking for highly intelligent people who can discern clues was done. Has... More details »
standgripthrow asked -  random - 8 minutes ago
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A. through superior weaponsB. by building their cities in the lowlandsC. through organized trade and networks of roadsD. by focusing on religiou... More details »
thankyouforhelp asked -  homework-help - 10 minutes ago
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well today at school this guy came up to me and asked me if i would go to prom with him, But here is the thing i dont even know who he is so do i say ... More details »
TripleXgurl asked -  teen-relationships - 12 minutes ago
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I was driving normal and out of no where the fan switched itself from low to high mode and was unable to switch off until I stopped car, turned off en... More details »
HendrikDB asked -  cars-trucks-boats-cycles - 12 minutes ago
psycho5150ghost. u never know with all this computer controlled crap
are there any legal issues to be aware of when telling a child they have a different biological dad? I was told the child could be taken away.
melindagallowaysvo asked -  parenting-family - 14 minutes ago
brendanbrmThe child can not be taken away for telling them the truth. My friend always knew and he is much happier because of it.
steven455 asked -  jobs-education - 14 minutes ago
29md29I though everybody knew that it stood for "American Cetacean Society."  (Look it up, I'd never heard of it before either.)
Are there some similarities between the Transamerican Pyramid in San Francisco, California and the Wells Fargo Center on 100 North Main Street in Down... More details »
BenMalloy asked -  building-construction - 15 minutes ago
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help with school
potrost asked -  homework-help - 17 minutes ago
eminemhatesgiraffesJust type the same question into the Google search bar!
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