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was that movie done before his death? did he fake it? or what am I missing here???
lonewolff150 asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 7 minutes ago
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I left it on top of my microwave oven and it melted is there anything I can do? it's not turning on!!!! help!!!
scardocchio29 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 9 minutes ago
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so there are 6 koy fish in a big tank in my house right now because well im in canada and they had to go in a tank for the winter (lucky too since thi... More details »
girlgamer369 asked -  pets-animals - 10 minutes ago
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I would be operating from home first and through exhibitions
puja2710 asked -  style-fashion - 10 minutes ago
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Give at least two reasons
TeddyCheung asked -  homework-help - 12 minutes ago
coolspotPeople are getting rid of towers maybe.
I'm in middle school and i really like this girl. :)
NuclearSlip asked -  teen-relationships - 12 minutes ago
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Tomorrow, I am going to wear a flowing black dress with yellow, pink, & blue spots with pretty black sandals. My hair is going to be straightened & I'... More details »
RandomKnowItAll asked -  style-fashion - 12 minutes ago
cassidyjones18Yes it sounds very spring like and cute. (:
I am so bad about waiting for nail polish to dry. Any tips on how to make them dry faster? I heard hairspray but that seems really strange...
RachelEM5678 asked -  style-fashion - 13 minutes ago
hostilewitnessSure, you can set the polish almost instantly by dipping your freshly painted nails in cold water.
My brother loves playing video games but ever since he got in an accident his left arm was paralyzed and he can't really do much at home.
Gator4vr asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 14 minutes ago
I feel impatient I've been waiting for over 15 minutes for an answer to my question I see people answering other questions but not mine why?!
TheresaHa asked -  questions-about-ask - 14 minutes ago
cjkenkelIt takes time to even be posted. Some questions never get answered, some right away. Depends on who is online. And what these people know our don't know. Be patient.
We have looked through the abstract and have found no record of mineral rights being sold.
ErmaE asked -  building-construction - 15 minutes ago
wizeolddogmomdoes the record say the rights were retained? You may need to get a title company to do a search. sometimes these things get left out of the verbage in quitclaims over the years.
i have a cowlick at my bangs so my hair is always parted to the left. im not saying my cowlick is all that bad because i have volume rather than flat ... More details »
curiouslalaa asked -  style-fashion - 18 minutes ago
kcamp58Try using more conditioner right there, and maybe a gel/cream, or more hairspray.Or, you can use a bobby pin.
montereykate asked -  pets-animals - 19 minutes ago
yoshi552I don't even think they're edible, I wouldn't give that to your dog. I know the pits of certain fruits contain cyanide
kmcaler226 asked -  adult-relationships - 21 minutes ago
kuuipo! I don't want your slobber on my cheek. 8)
I know his address and his age but don't know if his last name is really what he told me it was..? How can I find out if he really did die or not..? ... More details »
justmejojo98 asked -  random - 23 minutes ago
kuuipoWell, you know his address, go knock on his door. Is this really a friend or more of an acquaintance? Or you could ask the person who told you when and where the funeral services are to be held.
Did you mean?