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it's one of my favs and just not sure if is techno
vladimiartod asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 6 minutes ago
eerieblood...I think it's electronic.
are they safe from hackers ,scammers, stalkers etc. I am meaning All the apps
DaniellaHowell9 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 10 minutes ago
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These series follow a pattern.2 4 81 17 47665 20987 3571890This series does not follow the pattern18 79 45What is the pattern?
HelpStopAnimalAbuse asked -  humor-amusement - 12 minutes ago
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Help it dies every time its a waste of money
TheMustacheBeastie asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 13 minutes ago
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kzingula asked -  politics-world-events-society - 14 minutes ago
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PinkiethePie asked -  pets-animals - 14 minutes ago
brutiesmomPut her down. Remember, it's not about you, it's about the dog. Don't be selfish like some people do, and leave the dog alive, just for you. If the dog is suffering, put it down.
I found out I have an eye infection, and I wore my contacts yesterday. I was wondering if eye drops in with my contacts in the container would affect ... More details »
Babybecca asked -  health-fitness - 17 minutes ago
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It is by the helpful one when answering questions. except this one has a smile face and it says fun.
robotsevenfold asked -  questions-about-ask - 17 minutes ago
g-m-fairchildIt means its a funny answer. Its not as valuable as the helpful star.(IMHO)
me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and last night he hit me...... i was scared but what i'm really scared about is what i should do can... More details »
maddy183456 asked -  adult-relationships - 18 minutes ago
brutiesmomWhere did he hit you? (e.g. punch, pinch, shove.) What did you do, that made him attempt to hit you?  You can only make this decision, but if I were you, I'd dump him. He sounds like a jerk.
i need to know!!!!
PinkiethePie asked -  food-drink - 18 minutes ago
daniellahowell9I have seen this question before on a different website......But if u really want to know, water is 0% celery
my principle publicly told people who had F's is that right or wrong thing to do?
iknowmyrights asked -  jobs-education - 19 minutes ago
whencely asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 21 minutes ago
pinkiethepieif its blue it just means that it was sent to an apple product. don't worry.
Did you mean?