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This dream was in park slope I believe
Queenii asked -  random - 14 minutes ago
eminemhatesgiraffesSometimes dreams can come from the subconscious. Do you fear death? Is there some wrong that needs right-ing? Sometimes, dreams can expose more suppressed feelings or thoughts inside us. Anyway, just ... Read more »
I want to play the hidden but I don't know witch to buy? Please help.
ZDGamer asked -  random - 15 minutes ago
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If I were to but Minecraft (for pc) from the Mojang website, and it were deleted from my computer, would I have to buy the game again or could I just ... More details »
Timmyk14 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 17 minutes ago
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evanfoster12 asked -  politics-world-events-society - 20 minutes ago
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Usually I don't get cramps, but now I have them. What should I do?
questiongirl24 asked -  health-fitness - 21 minutes ago
cbois45Cranberry juice or hot tea usually helps me. You can also grab some midol, it's a life saver!
Please help me solve this...
meeraramanan asked -  homework-help - 22 minutes ago
eminemhatesgiraffesI'll give you a hint:  3 x (?) = 18, 4 x (?) = 32, 5 x (?) = 50 ... and so on. The (?) is different for each number, but it changes by the same rule each time. Figure out that rule, then you can figur... Read more »
so I've always had this dream of becoming a pilot. I know I may only be 15 but I just love planes! the part that bothers me is the school. I feel like... More details »
kyle14806 asked -  jobs-education - 23 minutes ago
simonfuryYes!!! Pilots are awesome!!! Follow your dream!!!
Redakai74 asked -  politics-world-events-society - 25 minutes ago
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Pink_Lights_XO asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 27 minutes ago
simonfuryBeing a team and teamwork
I don't see how it will go in the soil if it's just put to hold the ends together.
cakenIT asked -  home-garden - 29 minutes ago
wheelhorsemanJust regular steel nails will rust and some of the rust might get into the soil. But I don't think that's a problem. I'm hyper about that kind of stuff. But I would have no problem using steel nail... Read more »
I need to do a report on her, and I can't find any facts about her life or any myths there might be about her. Can someone help? I can't find her sacr... More details »
lilyb asked -  homework-help - 32 minutes ago
g-m-fairchildthe goddess of sight.  follow the first link. Its full of info and is always reliable. plaenty of info on symbols to... Read more »
MajellaMct asked -  adult-relationships - 34 minutes ago
brendanbrmIt means you made them sit down. For example: you argue with them to the point where they have no more arguments for you, and you have made them realize they are right, so they sit down.
Did you mean?