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Ok so I've been single for two years and four months now and I'm focusing on school right now. I'm 24 and in college. I didn't have my first boyfriend... More details »
DoggyLover74 asked -  adult-relationships - 8 minutes ago
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I have warrants for non payment child support. I'm disabled and applied for social security disability. Oakland County says there is nothing I can do... More details »
Mimididit asked -  business-finance-law - 9 minutes ago
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Za12 asked -  art-design-photography - 10 minutes ago
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hgbn asked -  places-travel - 10 minutes ago
not-giving-upIt feels like flying sky........I don't know the other two tho
I don't deal with hate very well and I feel like if I creat my own youtube channel, everyone in my school will pick on my and bully me for making one.... More details »
DannyyRodriguez asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 11 minutes ago
blah12345678I say go for it. Do your best, make videos, tell people if you want to. If you get hate comments, just block comments or delete them. If they bully you at school, tell them to back off and quit being ... Read more »
sorry if this sounds like another answer from same guy it said it deleted my other one sorry
doyohomewok123 asked -  parenting-family - 13 minutes ago
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I had a pretty bad experience in October and I still don't feel great. I'm weak, sometimes no appetite, more headaches, and more mood swings.
dancegirl7299 asked -  health-fitness - 16 minutes ago
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This manga is about gaming. The characters can change their clothes by touching a hologram screen, which they select their outfit
RayneX asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 19 minutes ago
super-duper-groovyI think it's Sword Art Online
puncake asked -  homework-help - 20 minutes ago
nblacksmithfirst lets reduce your age 4 times 28*4=112 ok now lets reduce 400 by 112 400-112=288 So according to this you are 288. You look good!
Baseball gloves
jram24 asked -  sports-recreation - 21 minutes ago
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My doctor said I have an ovary cyst. My mom confirmed it too being that she has one. I've had one for a long time now. I'm just confused. SOMETIMES wh... More details »
dancegirl7299 asked -  health-fitness - 21 minutes ago
Honestly I can't get over being shy. It truly sucks. I've missed out on talking to people that I've wanted to be friends with, I've missed out on plac... More details »
Benj_Inspires asked -  random - 22 minutes ago
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MonstersMUUniversity asked -  business-finance-law - 23 minutes ago
iresto1994find a lawyer call or email them and give the information they need tell him or her about your case and whats going on and they will tell you what they can do and much its going to be
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