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looking for good other than Comcast feed they seem to have a choke hold and I'd like to send them packing !
broccolidclown asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 8 minutes ago
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Where did the very first little bit of life come from?
riadot asked -  business-finance-law - 10 minutes ago
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alvin101 asked -  sports-recreation - 11 minutes ago
No it does not say "all purpose flour" it says BAKING FLOUR for all your baking this cake flour?
Ilovejason26 asked -  food-drink - 12 minutes ago
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nothin69 asked -  art-design-photography - 12 minutes ago
deanawynnWell.. if you go to public school.. technically no. You can choose to not say it, but dep on where you live and such you might be in for some hate if you don't :/ If it is because you reject the "und... Read more »
her bf is my brother we are twins when she talk about him it is so annoying but I tell him about my bf sometimes like we are BFFs so it's just wired
ponchoface10 asked -  teen-relationships - 13 minutes ago
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broccolidclown asked -  cars-trucks-boats-cycles - 13 minutes ago
shanewilliamsUSA does not. they have a plate with an exempt stamp and a licence number. (exempt meaning tax exempt)
LetItBurn asked -  books-language - 13 minutes ago
iaskalltimesJust go ahead and read it. If you really enjoy the book, you can always reread the book later. The Giver is a REALLY good book. Definitely read it now.
I'm 5'6'' and 135 lbs. I don't think that's overweight, but correct me if you think otherwise. I grew up in KS, so when I moved to Miami at age 13 I r... More details »
Isabelpeace asked -  health-fitness - 14 minutes ago
shanewilliamsBeing that young and vegan Im concerned you aren't getting enough natural iron or proteins, That being said, I lived in Fla for a short time and am presently living in Kansas... the humidity in Fla is... Read more »
I like a girl and i write for her a letter. I dont know if it seem corny and unattractivehere my letter :)My Dearest Love, ( her name )I know you... More details »
johnny2505 asked -  adult-relationships - 14 minutes ago
michael26no I don't think it corny at all but I haven't seen it used as much anymore but in fact it's really sweet that you wrote her a love letter
Why can't everyone have at least a moderately rewarding and enjoyable life?
Crandel95 asked -  random - 15 minutes ago
thegreatbambinoI wouldn't say people are doomed, exactly.  Our choices play the biggest part in our lives. We don't all make great choices though, unfortunately.  Many people come from the darkest lives, and come ou... Read more »
Linda2354 asked -  politics-world-events-society - 16 minutes ago
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I suggested this morning (in a question about Ask wages) that the Mods were all cyberpaths who would glad delete us for nothing even if they didn't ge... More details »
Dodgy asked -  humor-amusement - 17 minutes ago
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Did you mean?