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New Teen Relationships Questions
it's my 4th week at my new school and I really like this guys, and I think he likes me back. I want to ask him out but I don't want to embarrass mysel... More details »
mady110 asked -  teen-relationships - 13 minutes ago
xxjamiexxDon't be embarrassed. Everybody gets rejected at least once in their life. We are simply human and can't control the fact that not everybody is going to like you. Just go with what your gut tells you.... Read more »
So I know these two people that like each other very much, problem is that they live in different states. They were thinking about dating but are not ... More details »
FordFreak33 asked -  teen-relationships - 1 hour ago
alternateacountMy parents were in a long distance relationship. They met over work, through E-mail. One was in Michigan, the other, in Texas. They're married now. I have a friend who met her boyfriend over online mu... Read more »
well its not necessarily prom its a junior prom and most of my friends already have dates and its in 3 weeks so i have been freaking out about getting... More details »
WinkThePink123 asked -  teen-relationships - 1 hour ago
kerrilynne6Why not ask a guy, can even add 'as friends' I didn't have a date for my semi, actually only one of my friends had a date. It was more fun to dance with my friends
he asked me to go to great skate with him tomorrow night and i want him to like me what are some cute things to say or do?
faithlovesmrc asked -  teen-relationships - 1 hour ago
bepperzBe yourself, that's what a man likes out of a woman. Herself.
I am in seventh grade and I am skipping eighth grade and going straight to high school next year. Any tips will be highly appreciated.
JessyHorvatin asked -  teen-relationships - 1 hour ago
klhasianBe yourself.  Don't be afraid to branch out and talk to new people.  Join some clubs and get involved in the school. Hanging back and being uninvolved is, trust me, boring. (Not to mention colleges lo... Read more »
We're both in high school and I'm thinking to ask her out soon :)
Novaslain asked -  teen-relationships - 2 hours ago
taiseAbsolute delight spreading across your face and body language that shows her how much this means to you. Keep grinning, from ear to ear.  I hope she says yes. Good luck.
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