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I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable or harassed. I have a crush on him and had a crush on for 3 months now. I saw a lady hug him, and no I am ... More details »
SmartyPants942 asked -  teen-relationships - 3 minutes ago
idkwhydoyoucare asked -  teen-relationships - 25 minutes ago
7grandoceanblueDoes you know how to ask a question
I don't understand is she seeing someone else?
Foams asked -  teen-relationships - 26 minutes ago
victoria83She doesn't want to date you but she is telling you she likes you as a friend...she is trying to not hurt you.
i'm not doing anything inappropriate so don't even comment about that. but this guy i really like just asked me to skype him. i'm a really shy person ... More details »
faithlovesmrc asked -  teen-relationships - 33 minutes ago
mcintosh02Just talk about what you guys like doing, sports, music, favorite shows or movies. Pretend like your talking to a friend. Just be yourself and things will go fine. Have fun, lol:) I hope this helped a... Read more »
This boy and i dated for 5 months and we go to same school he is in high school i am in a lower grade and i we split up my desision, but he was my fir... More details »
idkwhydoyoucare asked -  teen-relationships - 37 minutes ago
lima38If he scares you then the answer is clearly no. As a friend that's great to have one that can make you laugh, and flirt with, but you shouldn't date someone who scares you. Because one day it might n... Read more »
hes really sweet. its just... I think he wants to get inside my pants too. im not ready for that. hes always touching some part of me like my chest an... More details »
MissMacyTheGamerGirl asked -  teen-relationships - 55 minutes ago
tyrannosauruskittyI don't think you should break up with him. I think you should tell him your not ready & you don't like him touching you.
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