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her bf is my brother we are twins when she talk about him it is so annoying but I tell him about my bf sometimes like we are BFFs so it's just wired
ponchoface10 asked -  teen-relationships - 37 minutes ago
diamondsparkleSay I know a lot about my brother anyways you don't have to talk about him this often. (:
winniewinskies asked -  teen-relationships - 45 minutes ago
diamondsparkleGet comfortable as possible.
, should i ask him out cuz every time i see him he looks like he's about to ask me out, hezitates and tells most of my friends that he likes my ass. w... More details »
winniewinskies asked -  teen-relationships - 1 hour ago
grouchyalpacaYeah, just ask him out if he likes you
My friends will ask me to do something with them and ill say no, for no reason I just say no. I want to hang out or do something with them, but I am s... More details »
kissedmissed asked -  teen-relationships - 1 hour ago
grouchyalpacaThat is a fairly common personality trait, if you want to get over it then put yourself out there into an uncomfortable situation and make yourself deal with it. I'm sure there is some other kind of t... Read more »
nothing too risqu? or sends the wrong message please
annonomus123321 asked -  teen-relationships - 1 hour ago
lucky-13Smile a lot, be playful, like nudge him in the hall or something and be kinda touchy. Show that you're comfortable around him and compliment him for little things
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