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It's my last name and I'd like to know what it means. I live in my America, but I have some of Norwegian blood.I'd also like to know about the histor... More details »
Murphy613 asked -  books-language - 1 hour ago
sephiraHaldor comes from Old Norse meaning "Thor's Rock". The "Sen" means "son", so originally the name was "Haldor's son", which is fairly typical Scandinavian naming conventions. They don't have separate l... Read more »
I'm not kidnapping anyone, I'm writing a book with an interrogation scene (like spy-wise). I just want to know a few strong knots that are hard to get... More details »
beccafay asked -  books-language - 1 hour ago
sham-miisquare leash :D i used that knot to tie sticks to make gadgets when i was in girl guide camp last year. hehehe :D
EarlMaltbie asked -  books-language - 1 hour ago
sephiraHench wasn't, but based on etymology it was likely originally something like "horse-boy" meaning "groom" (from the Norse), which has changed a bit over time through various languages. - Read more »
I am a teen want to enter some writing to see how far I make it. so..anyone know of anything? I live in washington.
problemSolver121 asked -  books-language - 2 hours ago
Answer this...
my mom is a realtor and she is showing houses to a deaf couple but doesn't know any sign language. I know a little so she wanted me to come and be an ... More details »
RandaPanda11 asked -  books-language - 2 hours ago
ghyblysmom and are a couple sites worth checking
lucky0304 asked -  books-language - 3 hours ago
xxsuzyxxdo u mean like gifts? if u mean gifts from sponsors then medicine and water are the best
Did you mean?