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momalgondal asked -  books-language - 1 hour ago
labtechgirlSorry, but the way it is worded "flow" is a noun. I'm guessing you mean flaw. That is also a noun.
I need to write 2-3 paragraphs about if they were for it or againist it.
Leahj1303 asked -  books-language - 1 hour ago
gatorbluI don't know so I would have to look it up. Since you have to write a paper and I don't why don't you do an online search?
I'm writing a Thai story and I can't think of any Thai names for girls and boys. If you have any suggestions, please tell me.
ElsaSpark asked -  books-language - 3 hours ago
zurvanWell...I have a Thai friend who is named Tatchai...hope its of use...if not try google...
I will finish school at age 17 because i went to school early, i think i can go 1 year early and learn French. Is that the right thing to do or is the... More details »
Ghamloush asked -  books-language - 4 hours ago
beatministerIn the bigger part of Switzerland they speak Switzerduetsch, which is a strange variation of German. They all learn that and French in school, though.
like 3kg 4kg 5kg any weight you can take
bhavyabhatia asked -  books-language - 8 hours ago
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Did you mean?