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upset as the other kid picks what they do every time. he says the kid only comes over to play with my sons toys. I think the kid does like my son bu... More details »
betham10 asked -  parenting-family - 8 minutes ago
Answer this...
Is it a good name?
juicedance asked -  parenting-family - 37 minutes ago
kileybp12I like it. It is pretty common, but that is because it's a good name.
I moved in with my mom in December, since then I've been paying her rent every month. I told her I would help her until her disability kicked in. She ... More details »
Cjkenkel asked -  parenting-family - 1 hour ago
dragonfly46I would encourage her to fill out the application, while reminding her that you will be leaving at the end of the month. Since you agreed to help her until her disability kicked in tell her you will g... Read more »
I LOVE band. Ever since I took up an instrument in 6th grade, I love it since then. But now, Im in high school. My dad quit his his job, because he di... More details »
Mr7Asker asked -  parenting-family - 4 hours ago
hcpsipacNot that I know of, but you have to:  1. Stay cool  2. Of course know how to play in band  3. Know how to play some of the instruments in band  Hope this helps.  P.S. I'm in high school as well. Check... Read more »
My parents have taken my Xbox 360 for three months now and they never give me a reason except I have not been behaving and I have been very very kind ... More details »
JosephDonahue asked -  parenting-family - 15 hours ago
ynp-214Absolutely they can take it away from you. The only thing they have to give you legally is a place to live, clothes to wear, food to eat, and public school. Everything else is gravy.   Until you are... Read more »
He rarely lets me see her. He puts her under so much stress. I dont want her or the baby around him
FutureEMT asked -  parenting-family - 15 hours ago
blknd1818She is still a minor so no, unless a court of law agrees that is the best decision. You could take it to court under the charge of child abuse and try and get a ruling in your favor. But that could ta... Read more »
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