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I was diagnosed with Lyme disease a few months ago and I'm doing a treatment but it's not working, I'm just getting worse headaches, passing out, extr... More details »
kajoda01 asked -  health-fitness - 33 minutes ago
lordmaulI'm sorry but I don't know. I hope you get the answers you are looking for here though. Good luck to you my friend. Be strong and take it easy.
Vertical ridges in fingernails, do they indicate an under supply of a mineral in the diet? My grandfather had them, too & he was a succesful doctor.
LinDane asked -  health-fitness - 48 minutes ago
What if they are also fairly unhealthy?
Crandel95 asked -  health-fitness - 1 hour ago
echooosI don't think that would be considered harming yourself, I mean brussel sprouts are pretty disgusting, but I wouldn't be harming myself if I ate them.
trying to find out if the heart may cause the nerves to the brain going to the waist down can cause paralysis
ArmandMartin asked -  health-fitness - 1 hour ago
kenzootak5electric bursts from the brain, or blocked as such some how
If she doesn't get this solution solved,she can die. Please,anybody I need to know now.
WolfOfIce asked -  health-fitness - 2 hours ago
gatorbluIf she is sick to the point she may die she needs to go to see a doctor.
I cry all the time. My mother, from as long as I can remember, has talked to herself. She is completely oblivious to others around her. She lives in... More details »
wheresmyxanax asked -  health-fitness - 2 hours ago
bikergirl40Yes, I would say she has something going on. Has she ever seen a doctor about this? It sounds like a compulsive disorder of one sort or another.
Did you mean?