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Ashjojo asked -  health-fitness - 21 minutes ago
sephiraEveryone is asymmetrical to a certain degree, just in some people it's more pronounced than others. Unless you are feeling actual lumps, it's really not anything to worry about.
I am abnormally fat for my age ( 125 pounds and I am 13 I really need to lose weight!!! any ideas? all diets I try don't work!!!!!
limpa123 asked -  health-fitness - 35 minutes ago
deszy23Limpa123 there is no fast way to that,it take time.It take a average person to lose 3 pounds a week. Drink only water and if you dont want that have a green juice, exercise and have a good diet.Good ... Read more »
I have been doing much research on foods in their natural state simply because of their high amount of prana..or ether within them and I have found t... More details »
melissathegirl asked -  health-fitness - 38 minutes ago
Answer this...
It might seem obvious, but does this work?
elina1 asked -  health-fitness - 53 minutes ago
ravenevanNo. Fat can NOT be lost in a chosen body area by doing exercises for that area. Fat is stored and used throughout the body as determined by the metabolism and genetics. If you consume less than you us... Read more »
I just had 1 two months ago. now I think it's back. it's hurting my ear feels clogged. what can I do?): I'm also getting over a bad cold
prettylittleliar123 asked -  health-fitness - 57 minutes ago
violetv13221.Heat up one cup of salt on a microwave, pan, or double boiler for about three to five minutes. 2.Put the hot salt inside a thick cloth or sock. Seal the open end with a rubber band or tie a knot. 3.... Read more »
swagatron asked -  health-fitness - 1 hour ago
meximusI have lost 60 pounds in three months. How? Do one hour of cardio everyday, preferably running. Sleep with out eating anything, as you burn 1,000 calories just by sleeping each night. Lift weights eve... Read more »
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