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I need 300 dollars by July 19 and underage to work. any ideas how to get it. oh and I cant get a job im underage
sandy108 asked -  jobs-education - 23 minutes ago
shizuka01 asked -  jobs-education - 54 minutes ago
mogadeetIt is usually best for your career to attend these sorts of functions. The management has them for a reason and you won't look like a "team player" if you don't. Sometimes clients are included and y... Read more »
this is an academic emailHiI spoke with mr.******** ( dean of communication department ) he told meI need to contact academic service . Since I am... More details »
jakesh asked -  jobs-education - 1 hour ago
inquisitivehamster1Good Afternoon, morning, evening, etc.:  I spoke with Mr.******** ( the dean of communication department ). He informed me that I need to contact academic service . Since I am not in the US at this ti... Read more »
ashleyswaggg asked -  jobs-education - 1 hour ago
werepanther1Do you have friends who babysit or know people who do, what do they make?  How many kids are you baby sitting at one time and what are you expected to do for baby sitting duties?
I was looking into joining the guards but I have miademeanor charges as a juvenile, and also a possession of marihuana charge on my adult r?cord I am ... More details »
reggiewdennis1987 asked -  jobs-education - 1 hour ago
shanewilliamsNot regular service. Ask the recruiter about national guard or reserves. After you have served in that capacity, you are eligible for a waiver. Be truthful with your recruiter and explain to him that ... Read more »
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