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the concealer is to dark and looks shiny on my face so i have turned to foundation but i don't want to look like a plastic barbie doll with clown make... More details »
KellyMusic asked -  style-fashion - 6 hours ago
rhonda12123Try applying with a sponge wedge. First get it a little wet and blot-dab only where you need it. After applying blush, lightly dust with powder. THIS works for me. Ditch the concealer . You probably d... Read more »
I don't know much about what a guy should wear to prom. looking for advice as mine is soon. Also, I don't know much about dress clothing.
krysthla asked -  style-fashion - 7 hours ago
joocTail coats are a gift from the formal wear gods. If you can find one and you think you look good in it, please do the world a service and wear it.Also, you can never go wrong with an English cut suit,... Read more »
Saturday I went to an all day auction with bf and got bad sunburn. it was really red but fine for a few days and I was absentmindedly touching it and ... More details »
zeezee123 asked -  style-fashion - 8 hours ago
ladywood60Use aloe vera, and be sure to exfoliate your skin when cleansing.
it cant be a cheap hair place nor expensive... it has to be in like a $50-$100 range...( it has to be in Indiana) thx!
thel0n3yandbr0k3n0n3 asked -  style-fashion - 9 hours ago
soccergirl27I'm not sure of any places that "specialize" in scene hair or what not, but I know The Debonaire (which is in Indiana) is a really good place. A friend of mine got layered hair with sideswept bangs th... Read more »
any soaps or creams
acoosiihart asked -  style-fashion - 9 hours ago
pieceoftapeThis will help. (I would explain the ways, but there's too much. Therefore, I gave the website)
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