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Heavenlei_kasey asked -  style-fashion - 9 minutes ago
kvenkatachalami think as and when the shop was opened
My sister keeps telling me I should wear flip flops, but she's a type a person that doesn't go on every roller coaster, but I am. I don't want my shoe... More details »
asker20008 asked -  style-fashion - 59 minutes ago
eminemhatesgiraffesIt's totally fine. The flip flops might come in handy if you plan on going to the water park section, or something. But wear whatever you want.
So I literally only don't have any time to change my pad at school. I only have 5 minutes in between classes, so I don't have time, and my teaches don... More details »
questiongirl24 asked -  style-fashion - 2 hours ago
margauxlovesyouSkirt with spandex shorts underneath or try sweatpants
I began thinking Claire's would be a good place to go because they have quick and easy piercing guns, but then my parents suggested having a doctor do... More details »
3sunnydays asked -  style-fashion - 2 hours ago
sksqt1011First, don't go to Claire's. I have lots of friends who have had infections from there, including even my dad (yes he has a pierced ear). Second, I know it seems more painful to have it with a needle ... Read more »
Hopeld asked -  style-fashion - 3 hours ago
alexis2127Either would look good. Pink is a typical jewelry color that a lot of people wear. Both would look pretty.
So when I use mascara, my lashes are either a)Clumpy but long b)Natural looking but Short what I'm going for is like Jacy Jordan's eyelashes. Does any... More details »
margauxlovesyou asked -  style-fashion - 4 hours ago
alexis2127Purchase an eyelash brush. They also make clear mascara that you can use to even out the black mascara and make it look cleaner.
Did you mean?