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i really need to know! i was talking to a friend and she said this and now i feel like other then kissing and sex what else is there? because i mean y... More details »
cindy2244 asked -  adult-relationships - 56 minutes ago
russianrespectIntimacy, children, commitment.... A friend might stab you in the back, but a husband will remain faithful. (If it is a good one)
we have known each other for a while and he is the only thing on my mind. I have no one to talk to about this. I'm scared to tell my mom about him. I'... More details »
Caitlin1899 asked -  adult-relationships - 1 hour ago
114960I've been in that situation. I was in a relationship with him for a few months. My parents found out and made us split. I was hurting over that for 8 months. I got with him one more time for closure, ... Read more »
I want too know your personal signs , situations in which you knew he or she was cheating on you and how you proved read articles on it but ... More details »
lxnxa09 asked -  adult-relationships - 1 hour ago
4-palmsIf you suddenly feel they are cheating, your usually right. Go with your instinct.
My ex and I broke up because he's too sensitive and clingy. embarrassing as well. Ex. I'm talking to my guy friend and he would interrupt telling me t... More details »
Lds97 asked -  adult-relationships - 2 hours ago
jamesmon007I say date whoever you want. You don't need permission from an ex. If he is your ex there had to be a reason for that. The prom is a very special occasion. You know who you like the best. Follow your ... Read more »
His name is Ben me and my friends and some other people know i like him and one of my friends is his best friend so he knows who Ben likes and I figur... More details »
Misshomework asked -  adult-relationships - 2 hours ago
kourtkourttell ben you like him in person (no middleman).
Even if you went out with her for a couple of times still the same attitude. Do girls always want to be called, if so why won't they give you a simpl... More details »
justchilin2 asked -  adult-relationships - 2 hours ago
virgin4islandssome women play games even thou you took her out a couple of times and you did most of the calling for some reason some women fell you should chase them
Did you mean?