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My ex was messaging his ex on my iPad with an app called TextFree. We were living together at the time so we shared everything. I found out I was preg... More details »
Quietrider14 asked -  adult-relationships - 11 minutes ago
jesstheawesomeNo way! If anything whoever was using the app to say hurtful things (idk I got so confused lol) would be the one to get in trouble
He's 16 & I'm 14 btw if that changes anything..
IllAskYourQuestions asked -  adult-relationships - 29 minutes ago
phil1003He likes you and is probably not the kind of guy you would want to be hanging around with. Who knows how far he'll go next time. If your leading him on then that might be a reason he continues his sh... Read more »
there is this girl I've been friends with on devianart for a year now. I really like her, we've been flirting for a long time now and I really want to... More details »
phrixusphobos asked -  adult-relationships - 38 minutes ago
banplastics28Background check first please see if she is legit then if she passes that simply say hey I have a surprise for you can we meet somewhere maybe try a group date always in a public place and think of so... Read more »
I need to try and stop liking this guy cause he doesn't like me and I don't want to end up falling for him anymore. Anybody have any advice?
RandaPanda11 asked -  adult-relationships - 43 minutes ago
ttyllolStart reading books with completely insane fandoms (yes i'm looking at you Percy Jackson fandom) then you will become completely obsessed with that, and you will take your mind off of him. This is how... Read more »
typicalusername asked -  adult-relationships - 1 hour ago
lolcatsssssAnytime. Just make sure it doesn't break and make sure you know how to put It on correctly if you put it on incorrectly it will break. If you don't know how to put it on google it& make sure you can d... Read more »
I have been single for 3 years.
Toxicblueskull asked -  adult-relationships - 2 hours ago
russianrespectYou are still young, and dating sites usually don't work (watch catfish).... I would go to Church and find a good girl there lol
Did you mean?