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monsterfb it dont have venom some people say how will they eat just feed them dead mice.
monsterfb asked -  pets-animals - 20 minutes ago
jayp526Yes, people who keep venomous snakes as pets often do this as sort of an insurance policy. It does not negate the fact that they will retain their fangs which carry disease and their teeth are curved ... Read more »
I have a male dog I'd like to breed and I know there is a test female dogs should take before the breeding to ensure she is clear of a virus that will... More details »
Hannahb121 asked -  pets-animals - 25 minutes ago
Answer this...
texastaylor02 asked -  pets-animals - 35 minutes ago
annaerDid you see a vet? If not, go get your dog looked at.
He is 13, has a tumor on his belly and arthritis very badly, my vet said there was nothing that could be done because of his age
MartyBarnardGarza asked -  pets-animals - 54 minutes ago
capricorn701I'm afraid that the doc might be right. This kind of stuff will happen when a dog gets that old. You'll have to make a choice if you think he should be put down, or let him live a little longer.
My mom kicked me out and i couldn't take my dog with, a few weeks later my mom sent her to a family friend claiming that she was going after people. a... More details »
jojo245 asked -  pets-animals - 1 hour ago
louisjollietThe way it sounds as if it wasn't depressed, but stressed.  In your dog's world, you were the Alpha. When you left, there was no Alpha, so the dog tried to become the Alpha - and failed.
Edprovost asked -  pets-animals - 1 hour ago
lololovesThe male duck grabs hold of the neck if the female duck to let her know. She may get him to back off. He gets behind her to do his thing. My husband has witnessed our ducks.
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