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What is the quickest way?
AnonymousPeep asked -  pets-animals - 14 minutes ago
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My riding instructor's cat had kittens and I am getting one, but I want to know how to approach their mother. I've read that cats are defensive about ... More details »
AnonymousPeep asked -  pets-animals - 24 minutes ago
deepdarkSlowly and quietly. Crouch down when close to her so as not to seem large and threatening. Let her watch you for a moment. When you reach for a kitten, move slowly. If mom gets nervous, draw back a mi... Read more »
BrownStreak asked -  pets-animals - 1 hour ago
avivaibragimovNeither. She is, as you say, a female, so she may tend to become hyper or anxious when she meets an unfamiliar scent from a new person.
Okay so heres the story.. Last year My house contained 3 dogs, a toy poodle(male) and 2 chihuahuas(spelling?) Both female.. One of the chihuahuas is a... More details »
marshmallow0114 asked -  pets-animals - 2 hours ago
gatorbluWow... You need to fix your dogs and quit breeding them. Your main concern is if they are going to be cute enough to sell? How about whether the people you are selling them to are going to love them a... Read more »
Jgross9176 asked -  pets-animals - 2 hours ago
gingerjewelif you go into a wilco or whatever animal store you have near you and ask they will probably carry a liquid that you can put on you horse... (just like dogs) and it should take care of the problem... ... Read more »
CassieYetier More details »
CassieYetier asked -  pets-animals - 2 hours ago
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