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So My littlest one, Looks sick. i got them around 3 weeks ago, my big one is a fat lard and eats everything. but my little one has absolutely no inter... More details »
Sydneypoop asked -  pets-animals - 51 minutes ago
majesticmetabeingsI would separate the fat one and if they live get a couple more so there would be more diversity. also use stainless steel for there water because the plastic can easily break down into the water over... Read more »
Just wondering, so I can take note
KidKray asked -  pets-animals - 1 hour ago
werepanther1Most any treats are appreciated, though sometimes you have to explore what your pet likes cause they might not enjoy all treats, or some might not agree with their digestion. You also want to buy trea... Read more »
So my dog appears to be in bad shape. She's lethargic, will barely eat or drink, and is in great discomfort. Every breath she whines a little. Her bel... More details »
Collaredcrow asked -  pets-animals - 1 hour ago
kenthinpsonOk... I took my golden retriever to the vet yesterday because she was having similar problems as your Lab. Get an over the counter med called Gas-X and give her at least one a day. The vet said Tums a... Read more »
I'm not sure what breed he is, but when I go over to my Mom's house, her husband (she got married last year) has this cat that is cute but he is meowi... More details »
OrkDethKannon asked -  pets-animals - 1 hour ago
lamoiTalk to it; play with it; pet it; feed it, love it... Honestly, I see the thought of killing a cat *because it meows*, incredibly inhumane. If the owners are not capable of being what an 'owner' entai... Read more »
weve had him for a year and hes about 2 hes been doing this in the past month with no problems before of growling or snapping
despa12 asked -  pets-animals - 3 hours ago
kmcaler226Get your dog checked by the vet because maybe whatever is in his paw is stuck there and hard to see and it happend to my dog before and it was a tiny nail so get your dog checked by the vet if you can... Read more »
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