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cklee asked -  general-science - 42 minutes ago
wtaberIt could be from engineering where load induced stress produces strain. Strain can be measured and may be amplified as part of the measurement process. If not that, then I don't know.
djemjaybeats asked -  general-science - 2 hours ago
ravenevanThe universe has been expanding since it's beginning 13.8 billion years ago, and is accelerating due to dark energy, not slowing down. The universe will never reverse directions to eventually collapse... Read more »
farmerboy asked -  general-science - 2 hours ago
magicgoon22Light is not the same thing as the light bulb. There has always been natural light. In inventing the light bulb Edison simply invented one form of controlled artificial light
I really want to be a Forensic scientist and I guess basically all I want to know is if it's a good job and any other helpful info about it.
hannah19 asked -  general-science - 2 hours ago
lawlgiverFirst off its all about science, need to really make an effort. I'm sure its a fun job and stressful
Did you mean?