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CindySheridan asked -  random - 26 minutes ago
wheelhorsemanWhy don't you go to the Sharp web site. Many appliance manufacturers let you download applicance manuals from their web site. If they don't do that, try googling "Sharp Carousel II R-5X84 Manual".
I am Asian, because i am from China. I was adopted and when i was little i had black hair. Now i have dark brown hair and some blond strands of hair. ... More details »
619pickle asked -  random - 32 minutes ago
gatorbluAre you out in the sun a lot? Or do you swim in a chlorinated pool? Both of those can bleach your hair.
movies theatre , cruise , restaurant is fine and all but I want something new ... I want to try something that everyone hasn't ... Any suggestions
youngfresh212 asked -  random - 1 hour ago
gatorbluDepends on where you live. Museums are a good option. Even if classical art isn't your thing, there are all different types of museums. (science, natural history, local history) Look online for differ... Read more »
I was on vacation when I suddenly saw this person who I instantly felt a connection to (not like a dating connection, just a connection like I have se... More details »
AlwaysNeedingHelp asked -  random - 1 hour ago
Answer this...
or something close to that? thanks!
HorseLover207 asked -  random - 1 hour ago
nblacksmithhow about paradoxical?
Did you mean?