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Campbell Hausfield model vt558501 B-31 Durkee Atwood belt
dianekelly asked -  random - 6 minutes ago
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ok so im doing a projest at school and we are going to a veteran affair center and we are trying to raise money for a carepackage, or comfort cart for... More details »
zeldabiggestfan12 asked -  random - 19 minutes ago
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seriously I take good care of them then 80 days later or so one ear goes mute! I'm wasting my cash!
hangnail asked -  random - 19 minutes ago
beatministerIt wouldn't surprise me.
salbright15 asked -  random - 43 minutes ago
john-seanIt has no real nutritional benefit and the cellulose makes it hard to digest. The paper itself is processed with chemicals and the ink is not the best thing for you.
I have a journal type of book so I can draw and write poems in it but I left it at my fathers house for about 3 weeks and he smokes so now it smells m... More details »
paiget531 asked -  random - 47 minutes ago
john-seanMaybe Fabreze spray; or put it in a bag with activated charcoal for a week. Maybe the charcoal will absorb the smell.
thromboses asked -  random - 59 minutes ago
craigsmomI don't think you actually need us to tell you the answer to that, do you? The right thing to do is to turn it in to the office. It is doesn't get claimed, I suspect it'll be yours.
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